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  1. Its so much more than the social stuff now. The group functionality and the marketplace have to be taking market share from Craigslist / Web Forums etc. I now double post for sale items on both FB and Craigslist and I'm finding that FB sells faster overall.
  2. I believe you can only see group postings if you're part of the group.
  3. Datsun 240z Classifieds group on FB.
  4. Alright fess up! Who bought this and is trying to flip it on FB for $28k!?
  5. Thanks for that. Looks like that guy is local as he referenced Saddleback Cars. He pulled the rubber off the tank straps and had them blasted and painted. I think i'm going to do the same.
  6. So I was actually going to look into this. I might have the ones I pulled blasted and painted and find some rubber or something to go in between the tank. This is the direction i'm probably going. I believe the thread I posted earlier had all the NAPA part #'s for all the required hoses and the lengths.
  7. Oh, i'm sure. If my car was a good enough example for a full resto i'd fork over the cash. I'd have a hard time driving it at that point though haha. I see you're in socal. Have you seen the series 2 dash on Craigslist? the guy is asking 2750
  8. Jesus those are expensive. I'd have a hard time forking over that kind of $$ for evap lines. I mean the cost to fix a leak, boil, blast, reseal, and paint for the gas tank is around $300.
  9. Thanks guys, l read briefly about the evap delete but didnt think it was something I wanted to tackle. (maybe I should since I had to cut 1 of the evap lines) I'll be asking the radiator shop how much it'll cost to move that elbow the other direction though :)
  10. I actually have the sending unit, locking ring thing, and o-ring in my shopping cart through datsun-garage.
  11. Found a leak in the outlet tube where it meets the gas tanks so I pulled the tank out. Only 1 EVAP line had to die to get it out. It'll be off to a radiator shop shortly for a fix and maybe a blast or a coat. Is there anything else you'd tackle while the tank is out? I'm eventually going to drop the entire rear suspension but the gas tank doesnt really seem to be too much in the way of that. Most likely going to replace most of the evap lines using 240260280z's and ConchZ's description and pictures:
  12. I'm more impressed by the 260 that sold for $23k this afternoon.