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  1. Yeah, stuff like that takes quite a long time to do but as long as it's not becoming a stressor for you then please keep on doing it! My username is the same on there - 'tyroguru' and my build thread is titled "240Z resurrection" - https://zclub.net/community/index.php?threads/240z-resurrection.25856/ . I only get time at the weekends to work on the car and then it depends what the other half has planned for me so progress can be very slow but for me it's the journey rather than the destination. I love learning skills and buying tools so I'm happy to take my time. As you say, the US has so many of these cars that it's not surprising that there is so much expertise and information coming out of there. I think that the Japanese scene is pretty great for info as well but not much at all is in English and I think learning Japanese just to read car related material would probably a step too far for me (although I think that would show who's *really* dedicated to their cars 😂 ). I cut the passenger side floor plan out today <gulp> and for a n00b like me it's a big step as it really means I've got to fit that floor in! I've trial placed the new floor in and it does seem to be an extremely good fit in size and contours especially along the transmission tunnel. Hopefully the only cutting I've got to do is on the transmission tunnel but now I've got to decide where I cut it (how far up the tunnel)!. I'll need to ponder that one... lol. Probably busy out enjoying his cars! Sure, feel free to PM me as I'd love to chat about anything to do with the Z - I've got so much to learn so great to speak to anyone else who's into this stuff.
  2. Hey Ryan - I post my stuff on zclub.net (I'm in the UK) and lurk around on here. Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the videos and work you're doing. I'm renovating a '73 HLS30 and, like yourself, it's my first time doing any of this stuff and totally agree with you: how on earth did people manage before forums?! As a nod to my US cousins, this site is extremely good with so much great information and advice. I just bought some panels from KFvintageJDM and I'm super impressed but I'll guess we'll see how things go as I'm just.starting on replacing the floor. I also just built @ConVerTT's fantastic jig design and I'm so pleased with it. My welds are nowhere near as good as yours though as I fell into the traps that you enumerate above and blew holes in numerous places! Still, it seems very solid though. Keep up the great work and looking forward to following along! Jon.
  3. Hey Kent - just wanted to say a massive thanks from a UK based lurker on this site 🙂 . I'm pretty new to welding and fabrication but your photo's and measurements made it relatively painless to build this design. The car feels absolutely rock solid! Again, thanks for the effort you have gone to in documenting what you did here. Jon.
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