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  1. Thank you. I’m trying to decide what would be a reasonable reserve. Thoughts?
  2. It is not siteunseen’s car.
  3. Hi folks. I just listed my 1972 240z at a Houston auction if anyone is interested. https://lmauctionco.hibid.com/lot/53816818/1972-datsun-nissan-240z?cpage=3&ipp=100
  4. It’s a 2001. I read about the engine issues. They scare me too, but there are so many replacement 2ZZ engines available if something does happen. The car does need more bhp after all.
  5. I did buy a pristine MR2 Spyder about a month ago. That’s also facilitating the sale of the Z.
  6. Hi folks. I put the car up for sale with a local Houston auction house. We’ll see how it does. http://lmauctionco.hibid.com/lot/16208-174945-92609/1972-datsun-nissan-240z/
  7. I would take plenty of those. They said it looks great from underneath and is super clean. I was also thinking of giving it to my Porsche dealership on consignment.
  8. There was a battery short, a few gaskets that needed changing, the PCV valve needed replacing, a new radiator and hoses, the thermostat housing and main switch, a valve adjustment and a few other things. I’ll post the bill once I get the car back. And then I’ll likely put the car up for sale or on BaT given how hot the market is for these cars, and how expensive the Z is ultimately going to be to maintain over time since I can’t do any of the work myself. And then perhaps I’ll buy my twelfth Miata.
  9. So it’s getting about $4,000 worth of work done. They did manage to get the glove compartment open.
  10. It was flatbedded to SZRpro this morning. Waiting for their report.
  11. So I decided to use SZRpro for all the to-be-determined work on the 240z. It’s about 25 miles from my house so I’m going to have the car towed. The owner, Dane, seemed very knowledgeable. Here’s their website: https://szrpro.com/ They also have a Facebook page. I’ll post here throughout the entire repair process. I guess now we get to really see if I truly got a great deal at Mecum.
  12. This is a long shot, but has anyone in Houston used Bobby Harting at Tech Auto Maintenance, 37 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77007?
  13. You guys are great. Thanks for the interest and support.
  14. It looks pretty good. Would you mind taking a photo or sending a link to the product so I don't buy the wrong one?
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