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  1. He’s probably in his early 30s. I’ve gotten old, I guess, if I’m calling him a kid.
  2. Ok. I sold the car to a local. Nice kid. $15,500. Good enough.
  3. I just want a fair price for my car. I’m ok with getting less if that means less effort and less hassle. But not stupid less. There was one guy at the Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet who told me that my asking price was more than fair. He then invited me to come over to his vacation home in the future to see his horses. Super, super friendly. A few days later, he made me a stupid lowball offer for the car with a photo of the garage spot where he’d keep the car. I am just tired of dealing with these kinds of people.
  4. Well, I’m glad many of you share my concerns about BaT. In the meantime, is there a way I can change the title of this ad to reflect that I’m only asking $18,900?
  5. Hi folks. The auction buyer did not come through. The car remains for sale. $18,900 or best offer.
  6. Thanks to you all. I do indeed appreciate the advice.
  7. The buyer has not paid the auction company and has apparently been unresponsive. Anyone interested in case the auction house decides against litigation?
  8. I got a new TTRS about a month ago, so enjoying that. If I buy another toy, its going to be a Miata (again).
  9. My guess is that the market has cooled down after some 240 Guild cars reached crazy prices on BaT. Also, my car was not entirely original. It also wasn’t perfect, as I learned. SZR ultimately refunded $2000 due to my unhappiness with their work. So my total pre-tax baseline in the car was $15667.83. The buyer paid over $18,000 when one includes commission. So the car was still well-bought at Mecum after everything. That being said, I learned a lot about my limitations from the experience. And I’m still happy I got to experience the car for 8 months.
  10. Thank you, Mike. I just listed the car there.
  11. View Advert 1972 240z - For sale at No Reserve at 12/7/19 Houston Auction Here is the link to the auction listing with more photos. https://lmauctionco.hibid.com/lot/16208-191870-92609/1972-datsun-nissan-240z/ One can bid on LiveAuctioneers. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/78726134_1972-datsun-nissan-240z Advertiser 718Miata Date 11/29/2019 Price $15,000.00 Category Cars for Sale Year 1972 Model 240z Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) HLS30-70470  
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