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  1. I had planned to have the tank professionally cleaned. Ive peeked in there already, and it's not rusted, but it's got 10+ gallon of vintage varnish . Figured I'd unplug the electric pump and run all of my lines into a gallon jug to hear it run. The previous owner died, but his father said that he couldn't remember if the engine had a rod knock or not. Couldn't really tell anything by hand cranking, so I figured I would start her up rather than getting invasive and pulling the pan and rod caps
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. I've been printing the FSM off at home since y'all mentioned it the wires aren't shorted, I've cut the original electrical tape back along the whole harness to inspect the wires . The sat without sparkplugs for most of those 20 years, but a little atf/acetone got the engine unstuck, and it seems to be building compression, so I'll continue fixing the wiring and will probably throw some new plugs and wires/ fuel pump on it and see if it'll run this weekend. Here's a couple pictures of her. Interior is too rough to post lol
  3. Hi everyone , I am a new member here. Just purchased a 1974 260 that's spent 20+ years in the Texas hill country out in a field. Rats chewed through many of the harness, but I have been able to in most part patch it together, however I've run into a snag with whatever this mystery relay is over on the driver's side by the radiator. The plug on the relay side has a yellow, blue/red ,black/yellow, yellow/black,solid black, and light green/black colored wires. On the harness side of the plug most of the wires make sense , apart from 3 wires that are black/ white of the same gauge . It's really a guessing game to where these wires go without knowing what this relay is. Any insights ? I've looked at a 260 diagram, but it looks completely wrong. Any ideas? This car has A/C as well as all of the factory interlock system
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