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  1. Yeah the Caymans I was looking at were hovering around 30k. It may be worth spending it up front for a newer car with a pdk
  2. If I'm starting with a project I'd like to stay around 5-10k. Because I'll no doubt be dumping money into it. For something that is alot closer to my end goal I'd be willing to spend a good bit more. I was looking really hard at a Porsche as it's always been my dream to own one but I hate how the boxster looks. What about a Cayman? I was a little worried about poor reliability and super high maintenance costs so I thought a Z would be a more practical buy. The Mitty is on my calender though! I met a really nice guy at the Rolex 24 last month who sold me on it.
  3. Oh I don't plan on racing it, I'm just looking to do some open track days and spirited driving on the road. I would love a Porsche but yeah I'm lacking the deep pockets. I'll have to do this in stages (finishing up a K5 Blazer right now).
  4. I'll give them a look thanks, I may have to bite the bullet and swap in a whole new drivetrain. I've considered doing the engine and trans from a C6 Vette
  5. Barber is at the top of my list. I fell in love with it a few years ago attending an Indycar race, I'd like to do Road Atlanta too. Looking to stick with the older Z just for the look of the body. I don't care too much for the ZX models. Are there any shops in Alabama you recommend to help tackle a project like this? I'm in Troy but I'm in Birmingham fairly often.
  6. Hi guys, My name is Kyle, I'm 28 and live in Alabama. I'm looking to get into my first Z. My goal is to build a track capable car that can still be daily driven on occasion. I'd like to keep some type of Nissan engine in it just for puritys sake. I'd also like to do some sort of transmission swap where I can run an auto with paddles. Trying to get a feel for what can be done with these cars so any input is greatly welcomed. I've been hunting craigslist for a Z... Thanks!
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