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  1. The headlight buckets are good the passenger side one was broken but has been re fiberglassed there is no rust under the cowl panel I will post a pic of it and under the passsnger fender there’s zero rust. I’m not trying to convince anyone of the condition of the car as stated in my first post this is a great starting point for a restoration the majority of the minor rust ie: rear panel under taillights isn’t going to require anything other then sandblasting primer and paint. The real value in this car is that it is a series 1 car that has not been chopped up and modified that was equipped with a/c electric antenna has the factory am radio etc. of course it’s been hit in the front at some point and of course there’s some rust damage to frame rails but all in all this is a great starting point for a restoration and from what I’ve seen for sale most of these cars have been butchered ie 5 speed trans etc. Datsun did not offer a 5 speed in 1970. If I don’t sell the car I will have a unique peice of history that will only increase in value as time goes by. It is the 3266 of 17005 built with only 16215 shipped to the USA according to Nissan motors production numbers from 1970 this is a very rare car in my opinion. I’m sure if I was able to look at any of your cars I could point out lots of flaws as well. Let’s keep in mind this car was manufactured in April of 1969 technology was crude and in its infancy back then. If I had known I’d have to read all these negative and incorrect comments about the car I wouldn’t have posted it on this forum. The rust on passenger side firewall is where the factory knockout is to make it a right hand steered car which would have made it an HRS not an HLS. If anyone is interested in the car text me or call.
  2. My cell number is 9793245661 the car is in college station tx “gig em aggies whooop” call or text if interested.
  3. I will throw it up on the lift tomorrow and take more photos of the car underside as well as video the engine running the SU need adjusting but I’ve got it running pretty good not perfect but decent.
  4. Here’s some more pics of the car including the frame rail under the battery tray and where the condensate drain tube drips onto the frame 1BE642EF-886C-4BCF-9AAB-1107A0422E5E.MOV
  5. For sale 1970 240z runs needs restoration a great starting spot. Vin 003266 some rust engine runs good trans shifts 10,000.00
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