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  1. Hello,

    Thank you reaching out.  The wheels are gravity cast and weights are as follows:

    15x7" in 0mm+ offset  4x114.3mm 14.9 lbs

    16x7" in 0mm+ offset 4x114.3mm 16.5 lbs

    The wheel weight will change slightly with different bolt patterns and offsets. 


    These wheels are a completely different mold than the standard Classic 8's , in this mold we sunk the wheel spokes back another inch.  While this limited the offset range the wheel can accommodate from 0-36mm+ to 0-12mm+ is allowed the wheel to be significantly lighter. The offsets these can accommodate are intended for the Zcar market and will give a more aggressive look than the standard Classic 8 design.


    Currently we only have Silver w/Machine lip available but more colors and finishes will be coming soon.


    Please let us know If we can answer any more questions. Thank you.


  2. New deep dish classic 8 wheels coming soon in April 2019!

    Official Name = Classic 8 GTR

    • Sizes: 15x7", 16x7"
    • Available offset: 0-12mm+   
    • Available Bolt Patterns: 4x100mm, 4x101.6mm, 4x108mm, 4x110mm, 4x114.3mm, 4x130mm, 5x100mm, 5x101.6mm, 5x108mm, 5x110mm, 5x114.3mm, 5x120.65mm, 5x130mm


    • 15x7" $199.00/wheel
    • 16x7" $201.00/wheel

    Ordering Information:









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