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  1. SteveJ Im the original poster that had the 1975 280Z with the issue of it not staying running
  2. Hello everyone, my apologies for not concluding on this issue, My issue ended up being the EFI control module itself, as well as a short near the ballast resistor. I hope this helps anyone in the future.
  3. I checked that wire on the top of the starter and its was on tight, but it looks like my ignition coil is leaking now and the + and - sides aren't reading any voltage across eachother twice and the test light showed no power to that yellow wire going to the starter as well in the on position
  4. I just went outside to check if I could hear clicking from the injectors just to start off, and now my car won't crank at all, only activates the fuel pump and the fuel regulator hiss in the fuel rail, but does not even crank over now, so I went over to the battery, it has 13 volts sitting, and 12 volts cranking, and the starter also has 12 volts sitting,and 12 volts even when cranking, should I try and just go for the ballast resistor and coil to start off testing? I didn't mess with anything prior to this just now happening, so its odd to me. Here's a photo of my resistor, the 1st terminal seems to be loose, as if its broken.
  5. That helps alot! I really needed that manual, it really explains everything pretty simple, ill do those tests, I just got myself a new multimeter and test light
  6. ill try that out if the other possibilities fail. Thank you.
  7. Thats one thing I've always been afraid of, is that fuel indicator being wrong, but ill definitely keep all of that in mind, helps alot. I also wondered about my fuse links, I saw on the case of those links, one says BATT (Black) Ign (Green) but mine have a green and red fuse link, could this be an issue
  8. I'd Really appreciate that, im gonna try to listen to those injectors and check all of those plugs, I would of by now, but, it is Very cold out all the time, and that Z is sitting outside, I have no garage sadly
  9. Yes, the last that it ran was just a normal drive, I stopped at a braums, and went back to the car, and it just all of a sudden would not start. The last part I put on was a new water pump and fan clutch, the car got hot a few times due to a coolant hose at the radiator blowing off, it kept doing that, and damaged the old water pump in it, the fan clutch I chose to just replace with it, and a time before that, it had needed a new fuel pump relay, I bought that from Zcardepot, the car also had alot of flooding issues, which I may of found out, pulling its old injectors when I did,when it still wasn't running like it is now, one injector was broken. Ive cleaned the engine bay once or twice but not with any pressured water, just hand cleaned with some degreaser on the rag itself, which I did back when I 1st got it, and it had ran great after I replaced the water pump, for about 3 months I'd say, then it just died out of nowhere at braums. I also bought the Z running when I 1st got it, its immediate issue was that fuel pump relay. I found that out because I worked at a nissan as an oil change guy, the mechanics were willing to help a little, they said the past owner had one of the battery cable grounds wrong and it fried that relay, the relay even smoked too when it fried out. One other issue too, is that (when it was still driving) it would cut out and die while driving sometimes
  10. Im not sure if they installed the right cap or rotor,is there a way to tell? I also don't know how to adjust or clean points as well, I'd Really like to know though, and Ive also been looking around locally for an inline fuel pressure gauge, haven't had any luck yet on that.
  11. I tried spraying some starter fluid a few times and it helped it fire up,it still died out, but, a few times after it'd fire up without it, but lt might just be the Cold start injector firing it up like Zed Head mentioned. I've had my Z for only 10 months, and have had this issue since November 11th last year. Im really new to it still.
  12. Yes, my tachometer works, and there is a blue wire in the bay, is that, that blue wire? When I 1st had this issue, I saw that blue wire just out in the open, and I put it up in that little spot right there above the injector not knowing what it did, its next to the thermostat housing
  13. I hear a spray coming from the fuel rail area, I figured that was the injectors firing in there. I had no idea my 280 wasn't supposed to have points, what should my car have? I could use some help on that, ill also have a look at the spark plugs and ill listen in on the injectors
  14. That distributor just what came with the car when I bought it, I never put it in or anything.
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