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  1. It is but it’s taken a while to get there...I’ll have it running in the next month or so....I’ll paint it next winter. no 6 pack for me...way to hard to get tuned in right....a new 6.4 hemi was my initial plan but I’d rather spend the $$ on a zcar..I’ve always wanted one since I was a kid...
  2. Thanks! Shes a 340 pistol grip car........not matching number and no build sheet/fender tag unfortunately....I have the $$ to put a 6.4 hemi in it but decided to get a zcar instead...I have my feelers out everywhere....my truck and trailer are fueled up and ready to go!
  3. Still a project but the interior and wiring are 90% done....I did a quick paint job in my garage just to protect it....it’s headed to my friends shop to do the brake lines and fuel line....it hasn’t seen the road since 1985....it will be a 70 yellow ta clone when shes done...
  4. "something to sit in " 😁...I have a 70 challenger Im restoring that I just sit in! Im looking for a "summer driver/restore as I go"....5K-13K...the closer to Ohio the better but WILL travel ..I like road trips...I have my truck and trailer waiting......I restore cars as a hobby but this z car will be my last personal project to keep....so It doesnt bother me if it needs paint or the interior is ratty.....
  5. Greetings... Im finally getting ready to purchase a z car...my dad had a black on black with gold hub caps 260z when I was around 8...and absolutely loved sitting in that car....Im looking for a rust free (well as rust free as possible).....projects are OK...let me know what you have....my email is nistindi@yahooo.com...thanks in advance...
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