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  1. Okay so here's an update for anyone that was curious. The car runs! The picture of where the spindle was sitting was when the spindle was aligned with the marks on the oil pump... Weird, but i installed the spindle where it was close to the 11:25 mark and then i moved the spark plug wires (15-36-24) so that the rotor was pointing to NUMBER 1 and it started right up. I will be adjusting the timing and carbs this weekend! Thanks for everyone's help.
  2. Thanks for everyone’s input. I set the engine to tdc to remove the dizzy and this is what I got. I thought I was sure to set the oil pump spindle correctly but it looks as if it has skipped a few teeth when installing it.
  3. I am unfamiliar with this terminology. Can you explain?
  4. Nice eyes! I was actually messing with the position of the distributor today. When I would advance it, the car would just crank, no backfires, no strange noises just crank. However I never fully advanced the timing through the dizzy (had to charge the battery) I will advance the distributor timing once the battery is charged. Thanx for the speedy replies
  5. I will double check the valve lash, I adjusted them when I threw the head on. As far as the firing order I have them at 15-36-24 counter clockwise
  6. So I recently rebuilt my spare l24 by replacing main/rod bearings, piston rings, head gasket, oil pump, water pump, timing chain/sprocket/tensioner/guides, valve stem seal gasket, distributor stator/ ignition control module, ignition coil, plugs/wires... I’m sure I’m missing a few things but I’m sure you get the gist. I haven’t had any luck starting the engine. Starting fluid just makes the car backfire through the exhaust My l24 has triple Weber 40 DCOE’s (NOT running chokes or vacuum advance) a 280zx distributor and the rest is pretty much stock. The engine does have compression.
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