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  1. Hey Zed Head, Transmission is automatic, engine runs great. 80K miles. Was asking as much as $25,000....now $18,500. The owner unfortunately has medical issues so is selling his collection of cars. No idea of shipping options or costs. We have had people send transporters to pick up some of his vettes and we can deliver the Z to local area where transporter can load the vehicle. If you have any questions, ask them... I can ask the owner if I don't know the answers.
  2. C’mon guys, I thought you’d love this car! We’re reducing the price to $18500, so if you want it, you’d better hurry!!!
  3. Hope that's enough to give you a good idea of the condition.
  4. I was able to post a lot of pics to the classic autotrader site that I mentioned before: https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1972/datsun/240z/101047591 I took photos of all the places that Jaymanbikes suggested. I could only see rust in one place - that was in the hatch area..... didn't look too bad. Everywhere else looked pretty good! Ill try loading some of the pics here too. Thanks again Jaymanbikes.
  5. Thanks jaymanbikes. I may get a chance to do that today... thanks for the info.
  6. I am helping a friend sell his 1972 240Z. It has 80,000 miles. Automatic. Red (originally orange) with white interior. There are a few pics at the following link, but we can get more. https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1972/datsun/240z/101047591 If anyone is interested, let me know. Trying to find a good home!
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