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  1. Hunter280z

    75 280Z Garage Sale (with 77/78 parts also)

    Pm sent! rear view mirror, the ebrake shift boot, center console vent/light piece and the rear hatch tail light interior panel
  2. Hunter280z

    Fast Idle Actuator, Compressor, mount and Idler Pulley

    Pm's sent. Thanks guys
  3. Restoring factory AC in a 1976 280z, trying to keep it original. Want to buy the Fast Idle Actuator, compressor (mj167) and clutch, mount/ idler pulley. Refurbished compressors are available online, but I'd rather ask here first if someone is selling one. Thanks
  4. Hunter280z

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

    Just sent a text message If you're still parting out the car. Interested in the fast idle actuator and related vacuum parts, the A/c condenser, and receiver drier.

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