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  1. mastershake1998

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    Wow you guys have tough me alot on these. im gonna guess i have the older panels from the measurements i took they seem to be a exact fit.
  2. mastershake1998

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    I have no clue who made them if they are not nissan. i did pull them out of what was left of a old nissan motors blue and red striped parts box the boxed where very badly deteriorated. the lables where long gone tough. i did mesure them to my 78 2 seater and they where the exact same mesurements so no problems there.
  3. mastershake1998

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    I was thinking that but not sure thank you
  4. mastershake1998

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    Up for sell are 2 Nos quarter panels both sides. the car a purchased came with them but dose not need them. the guy i bought the car from got them in a trade back in 91 and had them ever sense. i really can't find any info on what they are worth so open to offers.

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