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  1. Beste dutchzcarguy, Dankjewel, we zullen er naar kijken!
  2. Oh im sorry for the puddle not showing, must indeed be a phone thing. I added a photo with the puddle. Smells like gear oil. It's his car. The car is getting fixed for free by the guy that sold it to us. It's getting picked up tomorrow (transport truck not driven) Thank you Zed Head & grannyknot for responding! Kind regards, Winston
  3. Dear members, Yesterday my dad just bought a Datsun 240z with a 280 motor swap. Today I figured I’d just check under the car for any oil leaks. And sure enough there was a substantial puddle of oil. Right underneath the u joint. Any one an idea what the cause could be of this leak? Some observations we made: tranmission whines a bit (is this normal behavior?), the car jerked a bit yesterday while accelerating but later stopped jerking. car has been restored (in 1998), recently new fluids: transmission, engine & diff. Also so the right floor pan is rather wet and grea
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