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    First car I ever drove at 100mph was a 240Z many years ago when I was 14. Coming back to the 240Z world with my engineer son and rebuilding a 1973 240Z. Car is 918 Orange and will be built to resemble a 432R on the outside.

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  1. If they turn out correctly would be happy to do some for others.
  2. I've got a pair that have never been fitted Zup if you still need them. NOS that came with my car. Alwaays wondered where they were fitted.
  3. I have nos rubber for them, spare set came with my car. Happy to sell them on to someone who will use them.
  4. American Racing did the original Libre alloy mag wheel for the 240Z, they were 14" diameter and 5 1/2" wide. BRE/Interpart used to sell them. Shelby and a few other companies did knock off but originals have ARE on the inside face. I just bought a set recently and have seen them pop up for sale on a regular basis. BRE have had them remade and sell them in various sizes. https://www.bre2.net/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=B&Category_Code=bre_datsun_libre_wheels BRE Z parts catalog 3_71.pdf
  5. Stellar job Mike, incredible attention to detail. Perfect basis to recreate the plug wires over the winter. Roo
  6. Nah chuck it and use a nice big wood screw!
  7. Wow...fantastic work Mike. Going to make it so easy to duplicate with all that information. What markings are on the coil wire? Roo
  8. Perfect Mike, all the data helps being able to replicate the markings on 7mm plug wires. Making up my own screen print to do so. Found some new old stock distributor caps with the brass inserts to use with replicated wires. Roo
  9. That drawing takes me back to my school days doing technical drawing by hand with a pencil. It's all computer generated now! The wire number seems to be set 15mm apart, is that correct? Roo
  10. Great stuff Mike, some wires have a long /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ and some have a short /\/\/\, is that the same on each wire. Also I see 3 YAZAKI 1970 16 3 /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ 3 on the middle lead. Does this repeat along the wire from end to end? Roo
  11. I think the holes may be to accommodate different badges in different markets, the Japanese cars used Fairlady Z ones.
  12. Thanks guys...I'll try thinner on them. Were in their boxes since the 1970/80s. Owner passed away and they were never fitted to a car. Saves me doing bodywork straightening the ones on my car out.
  13. They have the original grey/cream coloured primer on them. Should I strip them to bare metal or just paint over the top?
  14. First Cobra Daytona was not designed with a rear spoiler, it wasn't integral to the design. Someone's telling porkies if they think it is. They added a bolt on spoiler later.
  15. Great to see such a nice original 1970 240Z. My car is less than 300 chassis later and also built in 8/70. Going to use this one as a reference as I slowly restore my car. Question for the experts out there, should I return mine to original or keep all the BRE/Interpart/Mulholland upgrades fitted by the first owner, including original American Racing 14" Libre wheels. It came with BRE front and rear spoilers, Interpart/Mulholland suspension upgrade including sway bars, adjustable camber bushings, compression rod bearing, steering coupler, BRE exhaust header. All the bits were on the car w
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