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  1. If I get a chance to check it out and the rust is surface or only through on small non structural spots (fender, door, hatch) what would you say a fair offer would be?
  2. Good call. It looks like the picture just after it shows the other side and it's just getting totally washed out with the light. It's an hour away from me, but my weekend is kind of shot. If I go see it and rust is minimal, I might have to have it.
  3. This one looks like fun, all of the same problems as the previous car, but probably more rust. But at least it's an S30. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/1975-datsun-280z/6695505530.html
  4. Thank you for that. I will do some digging. They have gone crazy in price. I remember seeing a Z on the road maybe 2 years ago. Looked on CL and what looked like decent examples were going to maybe 5k then. Suddenly they are all 10K plus cars. There are a couple of rough ones near me for 5K but I would have to buy knowing that a full teardown/rust repair/repaint was in the future for me. I could take my time in my garage, but still.
  5. For some reason, that one went totally under the radar for me. Not in love with the color, but don't hate it. The problem I'm finding is that CL pictures are not high definition. You see about a million more wrong things as soon as you see something in person. Houston is not far. Would be a cheap flight if it could drive back.
  6. Well, that was a bust. The car ran well enough and drove well enough. Manual steering was a bitch with the wider tires, but still. The bodywork issues were all stuff you could basically rip off by hand. Just fiberglass with a foam filler. No metal cut from the fenders. The factory air dam was actually underneath that fiberglass bumper on the front. However, they did a hell of a job welding over the holes for the original tail lights. I could see from the back where they left the stock tabs. So it would be possible to cut it back out, but definitely not fun. But the definite "nope" factor
  7. Yes. The '83 in really rough shape I look at was sitting outside and it has been raining a lot lately. I lifted the mat and immediately saw water sitting in the floor and in that spot. No bueno.
  8. Again, I do appreciate everyone's input. And again, you don't get a name like this by making good decisions. But on a serious note, when I go to check this thing out, where should I look extra hard for hidden rust issues. I know the floorboards and frame rails are the big ones, but you mentioned the spare tire area. Am I mainly looking underneath the rear mat/carpet or am I also looking for rust underneath in that area? Thanks!
  9. I definitely agree that the silver car is the smart choice here. But it also does not excite me at all. Like I almost dislike it. If it were black or red or blue, I could get excited. The black car has some things I need to get a closer look at, but it honestly speaks to me more. As long as the fenders aren't flying off I can drive it as is. I have a contact for body work that can match paint really well. The cost of fixing that would probably be as much as or a little more than just the a/c work done on the black Z. Yeah, the tail lights sten't sexy, but I can deal with that and I a
  10. This is the other car he's selling: https://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/cto/d/datsun-280z-1977/6690732269.html Just a touch outside of my budget. Seems like a nice enough guy in the correspondence we've had. He obviously digs cars.
  11. While I meant the questioning of his trustworthiness in jest, you make a good point. His ranking actually outranks the combined ranking of the three no votes. ?
  12. First off, I really appreciate everyone's input. It's good to have experienced eyes on this stuff, even if I go on to make my own foolish decisions. Ok, so far in this thread, it's a 3 to 1 vote against the modded 1980. I guess siteunseen is not to be trusted? Or maybe his user name is how he buys his cars and he has a more cavalier attitude? I'm at least going to go check it out at this point. Take a good hard look at the fenders. Also, yes the clean silver car looks clean, but there is not much in the way of interior shots, the dash is probably cracked, one of the seats has a
  13. Yep. No go on that offer for the silver. Said I'd be in touch if it was available later. I'll probably go check this black '80 out and see about the fenders. The condition of those and the presence of the aftermarket seats are the only two negatives that really stick out to me at the moment. Well, the fuzzy dash as well, but that's not hard/expensive to rectify. I can work/deal/live with the tail lights. Really digging it not having t tops and having the updated a/c along with the other new parts. Clean stock body is apparently not high on my list. Who knew?
  14. Yeah, I just want to make sure I'm not missing a good deal. Plus, I kind of dig it. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/cto/d/zx/6675657745.html This is the silver car I was talking about. Established contact to ask if the price was negotiable. Said I had 4k if he was interested. Then silence. He's either mulling it over or he just gave the real middle finger to the phone and decided to skip the virtual equivalent.
  15. Hey, you don't get a name like this by making good decisions.
  16. For sure, I'm kind of hoping they're bolt on style flares that someone thought it would be a great idea to bondo over. That would be easier to rectify, but I'm actually digging the lines of the fender flares. I also kind of like the non T-top as several less potential leak points. You've inspired me, though. I found a clean silver '83 for 5300. I'm going to text a $4k offer and see how many middle finger emojis I get back.
  17. Ok, I don't think 1500 is a fair price at all given the (presumed) mechanical soundness. From what I can tell people are basically selling parts cars for that much money. Every really clean stocker I have seen is basically 6k minimum. Do you think I should just ring them up and see if they'll take 4k? I could always give it a shot, but I don't think it would go over well. At this point, the tail lights are the only thing holding me back. I didn't realize how expensive stock tail lights were. I could probably roll with round lights for now, but might look into going to halogen lights.
  18. Yeah, the tail lights stick out for sure. I'm more worried that they are some expensive LED kit. I'm really a halogen kind of guy. I will have to look and see how easy it would be to convert back to stock. It also has HID's up front. I could take or leave those. They'd be converted right back to stock as soon as one of them had an issue. I guess I have to weigh the deal vs. paying what seems to be 6k+ for a clean stock version. Also, the upgraded A/C is kind of a huge point in it's favor. This is Texas.
  19. Yeah, the wiki page says power recirculating ball or manual R&P. 1981 Turbos got Power R&P and then it went standard for all 82-83 models. Honestly, it might not matter. If it were power recirculating ball, I'd probably just rock it for a while and then toy with a manual R&P conversion.
  20. New here, so this may be a total faux pas if the owner happens to be a member here. Apologies in advance. So there is this '80 on CL. For the most part, it looks like it's been taken care of mechanically, but I'm thinking the bodywork might be hurting the value. Looks to be a kit that would be fairly involved to remove and go back to stock. I might not care. It might just stay that way. I'm not looking for a show car. Aftermarket seats would be easy to replace, but not necessary. The only other thing I could think of is that year had either manual R&B or power recirculating ball
  21. He, yes, I did just look at that ad! It is 1) a bit of a ways away and 2) a bit more than I want to spend. I guess I should specify what I mean by clean. Really just looking for a complete, good runner with fair interior and a straight body with no rust damage. Paint doesn't have to be perfect. I've got a little bit set aside, but will probably have about 5K to spend in a month or two.
  22. I've been around cars and motorcycles since I was 16-ish (Geez, making that about 20 years now). Had an old mustang in HS. Learned a lot on that. Discovered Japanese motorcycles and ditched the mustang. Did motorcycles only for about a decade. Later on I picked up a BMW X3 as a family man. Loved the car, didn't love the day I found out it would need the head replaced. Got a nice Mazda CX-5 which is dead reliable, but pretty meek overall.So now here I am looking for a fun car for not too much money that can keep me from piling on the miles on the Mazda. I bounced around a couple of ideas and th
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