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  1. W3wilkes bahahaha I've got plenty to go around at this rate
  2. It is a remanufactured starter but I had it tested when I bought it. I have wire brushed all of the connections on the starter and battery, could be time for new battery cables so thankyou for that suggestion. I apologize as I wrote that out of order.
  3. They got hot when the car started to turn over. I checked the wiring diagrams and all have said the negative battery goes to a ground on the starter and firewall, and the positive goes to the starter. I replaced the starter because it was spinning but not engaging, the ignition switch had not been delivering power to the starter before being replaced. My dad was the prior owner and he said something about someone needing to reverse polarity on the coil be abuse they switched to a 240...? I'm not sure what he meant by that or why that would be neccessary but all I believe I have done since having it run was replace the su carbs with weber 32/36. I may have switched wires if they were purposefully reversed, but I have been following my manuals step by step. Hope this is better information and thanks for the help!
  4. My 1974 260z haa uad some difficulty starting. I read up and found the engine has a reset button so I tried this and it would finally turn over, after i had replaced starter and ignition switch, but every wire in the ignition system got so hot they started to smoke... I'm not going to pretend es and I have any idea what's happening. The car has an electrical points upgrade, and an ignition coil from a 240. Currently not messing with it for fear of burning all my wires completely. Please help!