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    1978 280z (zhawk). Just purchased for cheap (haha). Lots of rust...sadly. Engine first.
    Engine swapped for L28ET but needs a lot as a lot was pulled like all the emissions stuff from intake as well as wiring harness, ecu, etc.
    Good news is that I have Megasquirt 2, MS relay board, MS wiring harness, JDM Intercooler (new in box w/ car), more...

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  1. Well bad news is that it is the high pressure side line. ugg
  2. Thanks Zed. I'll find out which line it is later, but not tonight. Too hot in garage. ? Time for dinner and cold refreshment.
  3. Yes I was thinking that as well. Certainly do not want a high pressure (if that's that one) blowing off in the engine bay. Code brown. ?
  4. Gang. I look to your expertise and opinions again on this one. One of my steel fuel lines is broken off short. Should I just throw a new hose on it with good clamp and see what happens? Replacing seems like it would be $$$ I haven't traced this middle one to know if it's a return or supply line. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks. Probably should do my part and measure the unit to make sure it's working. ? I'd like to move on the tank but I'll admit here that I'm getting conflicting opinions on what to do. Cleaning is fairly easy straightforward part but sealing it is another. Some on here are saying to seal it with (fill in blank product) but I have Oliver from Zspecialties saying do no seal the tanks as they will plug up the tubes. He gave up sealing them due to this. He mentioned a screen in tank, which is why I asked about it.
  6. Thanks!! Btw, the CLR did great on the sending unit.
  7. On the tank sealing, isnt there a pickup screen inside and tubes I have to be concerned about plugging and if so how did you guys deal with that? Thx
  8. Man that made a huge difference. I picked some up tonight and the unit is soaking as of now. Thanks! Tomorrow I might try cleaning tank with the white vinegar.
  9. So it seems like you two are suggesting that instead of me spending money on getting tank professionally done that I can do some of this on my own? I'm down for saving money for sure. How about sealing it?
  10. Thanks for suggestion. Do you seal the tank after that and do you have a suggestion on product?
  11. Any thoughts/tips on the fuel tank sending unit on cleaning/rebuilding them? I removed my tank today to fully drain, inspect and clean tank and pulled the unit. Fuel as pretty nasty. I see some corrosion in tank but I'll take it to a pro to inspect. Pretty rusty and corroded so I need to do something. I didn't think they would be expensive replacement but was shocked when I checked.
  12. Well I went through the Megasquirt, resoldered every joint, added led and trimmed some long legs on board but it looks and tests good. Cross fingers. Jimstim built and tested as well. Family road trip tomorrow so I'll have to get back to this on return.
  13. Well I was finally able to get the Z into a better spot in garage where it will probably live for some time. Hopefully not too long. Focussing on engine, I was looking at my long list of stuff to do and realized that I hadn't cranked engine and tested compression. Verified oil and hooked up battery. Tested twice, cranking enough to get values up. Here are results: Cylinder: 1: 130 2: 100, 110 dry. 125 wet 3: 130 4: 130 5: 130 6: 130 Cylinder 2 is low, so again I would love some advice on engine/car and what you guys would do. Is that a problem? Should I pull head? There is an L28E near me but he wants $1k for it.
  14. Other than turbo, are there a lot of difference between the l28e and l28et? The wiring and EFI does have me on edge as well the MS setup. I could go route of Softopz but man I already am deep and have every part to do the MS setup as easy as possible. I might as well study hard and give it a try. It's not like this car is going anywhere. I just cleared space in garage and have it up on jacks to start working on. Zed, I am debating pulling the engine now given all the feedback. At minimum I could get it out and really give it a good look and decide what to do with car. Rust is start to bother me, especially the rail in front drive side. The rust hole underneath gas cap is probably a bitch to replace.
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