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  1. Hi guys, first time poster here. My car was running beautifully. Just yesterday, i removed the distributor to loan out to my brother. today, upon returning/reinstalling, i messed up and mounted the distributor 180 off. cranked a few times and noticed my mistake. flipped the distributor back and now the car refuse to start. Now I just noticed that the ballast resistor is extremely hot. I removed the wires at the ballast resistors to see if it made any different, nada. touched the wires together, nada. i put the wires back to the resistor and now i just noticed the tach is pegged at 8k. not sure if it was pegged before. Not sure what to do or where to go from here. Im not sure what happened during the time i pulled out the distributor. feel like something got shorted. Here is a background of the car: 71' Datsun 240z 74' 260z engine with ; 280z distributor (D6F4-03) , GM HEI conversion, MSD Blaster coil. Everything else is in stock configuration. Stock tach, gauges, etc. The tach was working with this ignition setup. I have tried three known good distributors and still doesn't start. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to getting this fixed. Was looking forward to driving this thing once to school before i finish. Thank you.