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  1. 76Z

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

    This is the one I have left h
  2. 76Z

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

    Webdaug1, Yes I do still have the main uncut wiring harness minus the fuel injection harness and fuel injection computer. I am not sure what you are calling the front harness, but if it is the fuel injection harness, I sold that with the engine. If it is not the fuel injection harness, then I still have it in good condition. I also still have a LOT of other things if you are needing something else, please advise. John 931-206-7052
  3. $750.00 and everything is included to include the fuel injection system. I have pulled it out of the car, but looks just like it does above in the picture. I have the wiring harness for the engine and fuel injection system for sale separate, but this is a complete good running engine. I also have an automatic transmission for sale if you know anyone that needs that. Please advise and thank you, John
  4. 1976 280 Z fuel injected engine for sale.
  5. 76Z

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

    I do have the compressor but do not know if it works or not... I do know the system was not under pressure when I took it apart.
  6. 76Z

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

    I have already sold the interior door panels. Sorry.
  7. 76Z

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

    Uncut wiring harness is in good condition. There are two harnesses... One for the engine and one for the fuel injection. I need to leave the rear tail light harness in the car. I would take 200 for both the front ones plus shipping. Ae you will see from the pictures it comes with more than the hsrness. Iwill send you a picture or two. Do you need a good running 280 engine? I hate to separate the harness from the engine for fear that they should go together. Thoughts?
  8. 76Z

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

    The actual vinyl is not in good shape at all and will need a cover... The dash itself is operational with white face gauges and blue LED lighting.
  9. Engine runs great. Fuel injection and complete uncut wiring harness comes with it! 20180227_170216.mp4 20180227_170216.mp4
  10. Selling basically everything except the body, including: - Good running 2.8L fuel injected engine - Complete uncut wiring harness - Automatic transmission - All glass except windshield - All electrical components - All suspension components - All chrome trim - All interior items - Seats - Complete dash with white face gauges and blue LED lights - All accessories 931-206-7052
  11. 76Z


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