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  1. Oh ok, sorry for that I just was really confused because they didn’t ask me directly, I have a 76 bumper available
  2. Hey not trying to be rude but if this is something unrelated to me or this post, keep it in the PMs please
  3. Hey guys im in the process of getting rid of some of the extra cars at my shop, i simply have too many. I have project 240zs, 260zs, 280zs, and 280zxs in various shape, the price range for these projects range from 1500- 3000. Some are pretty rough but others are in decent shape, ill try to add as many pics as i can but it would be easier to describe them over the phone, my number is 770-361-8955. Here is the link to my photo album with most of the cars https://www.flickr.com/photos/126770...57698743472894 I have a warehouse full of datsun parts and I have almost any part available for these cars for a reasonable price. I can also arrange transportation and delivery with a shipper i trust, happy to work with exporters as well!1974 Datsun 260z 2+2-$1800 It will need rust repair in many areas including the floors, exterior places and battery tray. The engine is complete and original, I have not tried to crank the car at all so im not sure of the engine condition., this car is a unmolested 260 and a perfect project for someone!1974 Datsun 260z complete car-$2000the car is mostly complete and restorable, but will need a lot of work.I have not tried to crank the car at all so im not sure of the engine condition.The front fenders were cut for flares which I will include, there is some rust along the rear lower quarters but the car is overall solid and a cheap, entry level, project for someone.1974 Datsun 260z with flares and triple webers- $2500Complete car that has a vintage race car look to it with flares and a whale tail, will need floors and paint and bodywork, triple weber engine and 5 speed trans from zx, was running a couple of weeks ago but the fuel pump stopped getting power1975 Datsun 280z parts car-$1000no fenders, rolling but rough, has 280z engine with n42 head.1972 Datsun 240z rough project-$2500rusty but complete and original, will need floors but good frame and battery tray1971 Datsun 240z solid rolling chassis-$3000was a v8 car, very solid with good frame, battery tray, floor, and spare tire well.1976 Datsun 280z solid rolling chassis-$2500very solid with good frame, battery tray, floor, and spare tire well. IMG_0732.HEIC IMG_0733.HEIC IMG_0734.HEIC IMG_0735.HEIC IMG_0741.HEIC IMG_0742.HEIC IMG_0743.HEIC IMG_0744.HEIC IMG_0745.HEIC IMG_0746.HEIC IMG_0747.HEIC IMG_0748.HEIC IMG_0772.HEIC IMG_0773.HEIC IMG_0774.HEIC IMG_0775.HEIC IMG_0776.HEIC IMG_0777.HEIC IMG_0778.HEIC IMG_0779.HEIC IMG_0780.HEIC IMG_0781.HEIC
  4. Hey guys feel free to come by any time, I’m usually at the shop working just give me a call in advance and we can set something up.
  5. Hey guys i was the one who bought the collection from Roger, the reason i listed the body kits and the other extra parts that i won't be using so soon is that i literally do not have the capacity in my shop to hold them and would rather see them go to people who want to use them than me store them out in the elements which is what i would be forced to do. Im also more of a purist with zs so that had some impact on my decision lol , but anyways if anyone is needing any extra parts for their s30 let me know, im sure i have something laying around, call me at 770-361-8955 or my friend at 770-722-7250. Also I would like to add that Roger (Tenessee Z man) is probably one of the coolest z guys ive met, hes an expert on these cars and i gained a wealth of knowledge from him and he was very pleasant to deal with, i hope hell be able to come down and see my shop soon.
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