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  1. Really, and you know all the facts of course...? So why are there none in your original post...?
  2. It's spelt Samuri and everyone in the UK knows that, I'm sure yourself included, Jason constantly miss-spells the name intentionally and has taken to spreading that myth overseas it would appear, that is what I take offence with. Whether you like them or not at least have the courtesy to spell it accurately. And if you dislike them and the history, don't get involved, it's quite simple. The whole S30 story in the UK, and elsewhere I am sure, has been written incorrectly at times in various places over the years, not just Samuri Glad you agree it has a place in UK S30 history which is where the event was held, and of course the Japan event is going to be bigger and more important, its the home market. I would love the opportunity to experience an event like that, some of the facebook pictures I've seen are amazing. And Silverstone was as long ago as 2007, perhaps I should have said 'this years biggest dsplay'
  3. Good grief Frankios, even across the pond you can't leave it alone can you. Why not celebrate what was the UK's biggest collection of S30 and 14 Samuri on display, rather than your usual derogatory nonsense. The weekend was amazing and why not just repeat what Mike the administrator said on here "Awesome, thanks for sharing!! IMG_5576.MOV