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  1. Wow, that is a Gorgeous ride! I have something to shoot for now... love the color, too! my car has a LONG way to go before it even gets to your STARTING point...
  2. Thanks! Got ya... just wanted to know which they were referring to when “round tops” were mentioned.... and I figured the brick y’all are looking at was a factory optioned cruise control alternative.
  3. I will post a pic of the engine bay as soon as I can, supposedly, the factory carbs were replaced with the Weber versions in the late eighties... I’ve read some of y’all mention “round top” carbs... Can I get a little clarification, and pros and cons?
  4. Oh yeah, Floor pans are holier than the New Testament. Turning wrenches is my strong point, unfortunately, my body work experience is limited to bolting on body panels... but I have a really good friend who owns and runs a body shop... he does great work, so it’s going to be up to me and my son to get it going mechanically, then to him for the body work. Id rather have it professionally done, than try to “learn” on the car I’ve always wanted.
  5. from what I’ve read, I thought it was an early one, because of the lights, and I have read that 8/74 was the beginning or the 74.5... BUUUT, I knew y’all would know. so I didn’t assume anything.
  6. S30driver... I agree 100% on the no hole in the roof being a good thing
  7. Hey V12horse, our cars are very close in line of production!
  8. That’s an ancient CB radio mounted to the right of the Shifter... I have yet to examine the speaker on the left. ha, I’m sure I will find lots of “extras” I will have to shuck. With the pictures of the front and rear of the car, can you guys tell me if it appears to be an Early or 74.5/75? I’ve read you can tell by the placement of turn signals/parking lights, and the where the reverse lights are in the taillight assembly. I’m still in the “trying to identify” what exactly I Purchased...
  9. Thanks for the responses! I am sure I will need you guys as this resto moves forward! I will post all the pics the owner sent now...As for good pics, I will post them as soon as I get it home. Looks like The brakes are going to be my first (of many) issues... It cranks, starts, and moves... transmission is free, and engages in every gear... but left rear drum, and both front calipers seem stuck. I am trailering it home next Saturday. Let me know what you can gather from these low quality photos... I know it looks rough, Hell, it IS rough, but it’s a complete, and running start. Cant wait for t
  10. Hey guys, As you can see in the title, I purchased my first S30 this afternoon from the original owner’s mother. It is a silver 1974 260z. VIN RLS30-035938 with Build Date 5/74. It has rust in the usual places, but starts, idles, and drives. This is my first resto project, and I am excited... I paid $600, and couldn’t be more proud. What details can you gather from my VIN and Build date, as far as production #s, options, etc? PS, I know the 260 is the black sheep, and to some, the least desirable... so if you are going to be negative, I don’t need your opinion. I bought this to restore with my
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