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  1. im going to put the apex suspension in the game first, then later i plan to implement T3 parts as well.
  2. just about finished on the apex engineered subframe model
  3. should i model the apex stuff or the T3 stuff tho, i want to wait to do the other until later in the game development.
  4. T3 or apex engineered suspension parts for the game?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I plan to make an entire cars worth of 3d modeled parts


  6. Mustache bar
  7. https://github.com/thatoneguy280/240z-3D-Model-Parts
  8. i will also put the 3d models on github.
  9. what engine and transmission options should i put in the game. I plan to do l28et paired with the turbo 5spd, stock engine and tranny, rb20 and 25 transmission, rb26dett and tranny, ls1 and some transmission, maybe a 350. Any others that i missed that i should add?
  10. that will be very helpful when modeling the transmission.
  11. rear crossmember.fbx Rear Lower control arm RL v1.fbx Rear Lower control arm RR v0.fbx
  12. most of the parts i've been building in fusion 360 then adding details and textures and such in blender. if anyone wants the part models i can post them here, they are .FBX
  13. i also plan to have multiple versions of the 3d model, one assembled, one disassembled
  14. in the end I hope this to be one of the most accurate 3d models, and it will be available to anyone on this site.
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