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  1. PERFECT - thank you very much - that was the missing link - in the 74 260Z service manual - BE Body Electrical page 61 the correct drawing with explanation of each wiper intermitter relais contact was found.
  2. In the schematic I have posted, there is a relays - yes - BUT it does NOT contain any wire colors nor does the relais itself contain any pin markings on it. No 240z wiring harness diagram shows the relais. Only that schematic. So there´s no way guessing nor measuring what contact goes where. Anyway, thanks for the good meant comments ? Meanwhile I have received some pictures from a 73 owner of the corresponding plugs - maybe helpful for others struggling with the same problem. I have learned, that the 28820-N3300 unit is responsible for the intermittent function of th
  3. Hello everyone! I desperately need help with the wiring of the wiper relais. I have chosen the path to completely rewire my car with an universal wiring harness - uuunfortunately I have ripped off all plugs from the old harness and recycled some plug housings already - so I am not able anymore to trace which wire colors went to which contact on the wiper relais. Until yesterday I was not even aware that the wiper motor & switch were connected to a relais in between - only after studying the "Windshield Wiper Motor Connecting Diagram" I came to the conclusion there´s more than the moto
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