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  1. @siteunseen I want to make my car as original as possible. If the dealer installed the door guards and chrome rocker panels, I'm not sure if I should remove them, then they are sort of original. But from what you say datsuns didn't have these things from the factory, so for me that means I should remove them. Personally I like the car without them, but it if they are original, I don't want to fill the holes and respray the sides.
  2. A lot of 280z cars have these chrome strips on the doors and underside of the doors, like the orange one below, are they original? I've never seen a brochure where cars had them. If they are not original, when were they introduced on the market? Or were they an option? The 260z 2+2 in the picture won an award for being original, while it also has the strips on the side.
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