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  1. Hi everyone i hope you had a good thanksgiving Here is my situation i had some time to play with the z today over the weekend i rebuilt the carburetors again it seemed that i didnt do a great job cleaning the fuel lines because something junked the carbs however i cleaned them out real good rebuilt the carbs i am now getting clean fuel to the carbs i am getting spark to each plug and i can start it for a short time but carb is farting spitting and popping i cant get it to stay started long enuff to time it what could my problems be?
  2. Wow thanks w3wilkes i will look into it
  3. @ w3wilkes I will take it to through virgin river gorge that sounds like a lot of fun And if you in the area maybe we can play wolf creek or something its one of my favorite tracks in the country and i played from the bay area to main In regards of the z i found a bad wire in the distributor it looks burnt when i checked spark it was fine but when i ran the motor the other day for about 45 mins i think it burnt then i was trying to tune the carbs without a unsync meter and that wire was on the verge of going out i will continue to play with her after thanksgiving and post some updated when i get back home Keep them purring z fans happy thanksgiving
  4. Thank you everyone for the great advice After reading those threads i think my floats are way off wack I didnt just get a great vehicle when i bought a z but i got some great people to discuss common frustrations with as well with lots of knowledge thank you P.s I live in st george utah I have a chance to play with my z for a couple of hours today hopefully ill get her to feeling better
  5. Thank you for the information I will try tomorrow
  6. I cant sync the carbs because it wont fire up anymore the rebuild kit said to adjust the float bowl to 14 mm is that correct or can that be my problem? Wow thank you for the information!!! I will try tomorrow
  7. I cant sync the carbs because it wont fire up anymore the rebuild kit said to adjust the float bowl to 14 mm is that correct or can that be my problem?
  8. Hi everyone Here is my situation i bought a 72 240z That was sitting for many years i dropped and cleaned the fuel tank cleaned out the fuel lines put a new electric fuel pump new filters put 5 gals of 92 octan its now getting clean fuel to the carbs i purchased and installed carb rebuild kit i put new plugs and wires and it is getting spark i fired it up after a oil change and prepped the motor i had to play with the carbs for like a hour to start it had to use quick start to prim it and she ran great for 45 mins or so shut it off now she will not start anymore any ideas or things i should check P.s the carb next to the firewall sucks in a lot of air the the front not so much?
  9. I do have another question The previous owner installed a tranny fluid cooler since there is no radiator im guessing they took of the cooler as well can i cap off the line that went too the cooler also i cant find the return line that goes back to the tranny any thoughts or info regarding this situation?
  10. Ok yesterday i popped the valve cover off oiled it up replaced the spark plugs put some wd40 penetrating oil down the holes where the spark plugs are hand cranked and more wd40 about 12 times disconnected the fuel line and removed the air cleaner cover on the side sprayed some carb cleaner in there and fired her up she died out right away because no gas but sounded great!!! For that moment wooooohoooooo
  11. Thank you sweatybetty i will look in a few mins
  12. I wanted to thank all of you for replying I came to the conclusion that it is in fact a 1972 because the heat shield pattern and the linkage set up matches a 72 plus the toggle switch for the hazards And also the front bumper Thank all you z lovers for helping me understand my new found love better P.s I will have her ready to be fired up tuesday for the first time in over 30 years fingers crossed Changed the fluids spark plugs lubed the cylinders hand turned a few times going to lube some more in the morning cleaning the fuel tank and lines tomorrow and i am waiting for the carb tune up kit should be here tuesday morning by the afternoon she should be ready YAY!!!!!