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  1. Im looking for an used ignition Lock for a 240Z which I can dismantle to find out how it works. 280zx-turbo (datsun@ec-investigation.com)
  2. @Bruce: I sent you an email with an order - Daniel
  3. Well if there was no such interior in the UK, my hope is for the australian members :-)) And yes we also had the card-pockets 280zx-turbo
  4. Hello English and Australian Members Im looking for a left/passengerside Sunvisor in color beige/buterscotch for a 240Z thanks - 280x-turbo
  5. Hello Im looking for the poem chrome centercaps for the Aluminium wheels of the 260Z Thanks - Daniel datsun@ec-investigation.com
  6. Hello English and Australian Zedders I'm looking for left/passengerside Sunvisor in beige/butterscotch from a right hand driven 240Z. Thanks - Daniel datsun@ec-investigation.com
  7. Hi Bruce It seems that this is the issue. The rear carb is "hanging" somehow and that is why my mechanic said I should buy needles and nozzles for both carbs. As you are from ztherapy, could you be so kind and send me the direct link on your site where I can place the order? Thanks - Daniel ( and thanks to all others who responded !)
  8. I don't want to tune-up the carbs, I'm looking for original/factory parts or aftermarket parts that fits OEM standard Thanks - Daniel
  9. Thanks EutDat This Kit I have bought some times ago, but my technician says that there are two parts not included in this kit which he wants to change: -Needle, Nr. 9 on the HITACHI Sheet (attached) -Nozzle, Nr. 13 on the HITACHI Sheet (attached) Are they not part of any Kit and must be ordered separately? Where can I buy these two parts? Even though Im in Switzerland I think the USA are best place to find parts for Z-Cars. Thanks - Daniel HITACHI Carburetor HJG46W.PDF
  10. Hello All I'm new to this forum but not to Z-Cars. I first drove a 240Z in 1979 and in the years between there were 280ZX, 280ZX-TT, 300ZX and again a 240Z. My green 1972 240Z, was probably produced in September/1971 (VIN 048531) I would like to refresh the carbs and look for a repair Kit. Seems not so easy. I assume I do have the HITACHI Carbs (Round Top / 3 screws) Where can I buy such a repair Kit? Thanks from Switzerland - Daniel
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