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  1. Look man, I just want to put it out there, since someone already mentioned Hankook, Toyo, Michelin, etc. You can find these tire brands (along with their appropriate sizes) at 4WheelOnline. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a particular brand, they'd have it either way.
  2. I've been browsing the forum and saw that there is actually a pet section from 10 years ago but has been rendered inactive, so I decided to create a new one for us to discuss the little critters in our lives, mine are two cuddly Siamese cats named Moira and Keegan. They like to indulge in Tuna casserole and would hang out in the living room with my wife, during her "Netflix hour." We usually take them with us during our road trips, though we would have to settle them in in our pet carriers as they like to pounce around, especially when the car is moving. Overall, they are a bundle of joy and have been a part of our family since they were kittens. How about you guys? Feel free to share your pet stories.
  3. I agree with this, it may be the fuel line. Better check on that as well.
  4. You're a hero, Mike! Save the Z!
  5. That's just radical, man! You guys look like Superheroes on your motorcycles and gears. But seriously, yeah, safety comes first.
  6. That looks awesome, JLPurcell! Though I have to agree with the others, ride safe, man. It's good to ramp up the speed once in a while, but what's even better is doing so and living to tell the tale.
  7. Another reason to watch Archer. This is one of my current favorites.
  8. Welcome to the forum, lsoz! No worries, a lot of our fellow members are very helpful when it comes to inquiries. Have a great time in the threads, my friend. Cheers!
  9. Well, that's McDonald's everyone: "Looks great, Tastes fake."
  10. ZeeLuv


    Hahaha! So, this really does exist. I wonder how many people actually own this type of mod?
  11. I just recently checked their Twitter page and by the looks of it, the insurmountable negative feedback says it all. Perhaps we may give them a few months before the boat sinks as a whole.
  12. Hahaha! I couldn't help cracking up on this one.
  13. It's a shame that Photobucket went with this type of business model. I just hope that they change their mind about it after a while.
  14. Thank you very much, everyone! Thank you all for the kind welcome!
  15. Newbie here. I'm glad to find an online community of Zcar lovers, like me. Cheers to everyone!
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