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  1. My Cigarette lighter has failed after 33 years, and need to know where to get a replacement. The car is a 73 240Z, are they interchagable with other years?
  2. I'm considering switching out my stock ignition system with and electronic system. What do I need to purchase for this conversion and what should I consider with this swap. My car is a 1973 240z. I have been told I could get a system out of a 280z and this would be a direct fit. Please advise of any pitfalls or performance advantages. Ken
  3. The tire size i'm running is 215 60 14 with the Euro springs. I understand the Euro springs are no longer made, so I'm considering a new spring, but I don't want it slammed to ground for a rough ride. Any suggestions?
  4. I have Euro springs that are ten years old with one year old Tokico struts and the tires are starting to rub? Is it time to replace the springs? if so what should I use for a daily driver?
  5. What is the correct radiator cap for a staock 240z radiator?
  6. I have a pan that runs from the radiator to the front of the frame to stop debris and water from coming into the engine comartment. Is there advantages or disadvantages to using this on a 240z?
  7. Would you have an extra washer pump/motor for a 73 240z Thanks Ken
  8. Well after 31 years my washer pump has failed. What options do I have for a replacement? Are they interchangeable with other years? Thanks Ken 73 240z
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