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  1. Thanks to everyone who has replied. Ive been super busy with work and haven't had time to do much trouble shooting. To answer your question the sputtering is more like a lack of air. l the car loses power and the engine makes a deep sound and it smells like gas. it happens both at light and heavy throttle quick or slow
  2. it starts to sputter around 3000 rpms and if im in neutral the car is fine. i can rev it wherever i want and yes it stops when i let off the throttle
  3. i never got to drive it before the EGR delete. the motor sounded fine but it sounds fine now as well until im actually under load so you say try starter fluid around the delete plate?
  4. So i recently deleted the EGR system on my 1977 Datsun 280z. The car sputters and loses power at higher RPMS only under load (as if it doesnt get enough air) My theory is: The egr system is ment to suck air from the exhaust system and push it back into the intake system. So the car is designed to have that 'extra' air coming in. So if i delete the EGR and leave the MAF as it is the car will lack air because the MAF does not know that the car is no longer getting the recycled air and is not compensating for it. And if i buy a new MAF then it might have the same problem because that MAF is designed to be on a car that is getting that extra ait from the EGR system. so my question is does that make any sense? Do i need to adjust the MAF sensor if i delete the EGR system?
  5. as to how they look im not sure what you mean but they look good. they dont look blackened or anything like that and yeah the car starts up great and when its warm it still sounds good. its only when its under load that it sputters
  6. the boots are brand new they were pretty beat up before and patched with silicone
  7. thanks for your input when i got it running i replaced the oil and got new spark plugs
  8. i bought a new throttle position switch i adjusted it to the sound of the engine. if i move it any more in either direction the car starts to act up instantly
  9. Update: Just want to thank everyone who has replied. I haven't fixed the problem but its great to hear other peoples opinions and suggestions! So i just want to start off by saying I am in no way an experienced mechanic. I am having a problem with my 1977 Datsun 280z and am willing to hear anyone's thoughts. So I haven't driven this car much. i bought it and it had a leak in the exhaust manifold. Since i had to take it all off i decided to buy headers. While removing the EGR tube, the tube was damaged so I decided to remove the EGR. I remove the EGR use a block off plate from a Z store. I capped off the vacuum that leads to the egr. Now for the problem. When in the driveway the car sound great. I can rev it as high as i want and it sounds perfect. when driving around normally it feels fine as well. The problem comes when driving a bit faster or opening the throttle quickly. When im driving and pass about 4000 rpms the car starts to sputter and i can smell gas. It feels as if its not getting enough air to burn the gas in the cylinder. If im drivng fast and step of the clutch and rev theres no problem. the sputter only happens when im actually putting gas to the wheels. Does anyone have any idea what can cause this? The fact that it acts so well in the driveway or with the clutch in throws me off hard.
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