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  1. Thanks. I’ll look into this site. Cost seems reasonable.
  2. Cap, I thought about this but my issue is the lettering is so small that I am actually unable to print them that small. I will try the inverted printing and see how it comes out. I am looking into a 50micron printer that would likely not have any issues with the lettering, but that’s still in the works. it would also likely cost more than if I got the sticker on this one simply because the raw material is almost twice the cost. Thanks for the feedback. Hi, I am also working on a series 2 radio faceplate with another member, so this is not the only thing I am working on. I am unsure of what part you’re talking about. Please pm me with more detail if you like and I can probably look into designing something. Thanks.
  3. Yeah. Will likely have to find another solution. thank you guys for the feedback. Will post back once I find something that works.
  4. Ok guys. Just tested the off yellow and it was a failure. The black background just consumes it. here is a picture of the orange from the first picture and it looks more brown and barely visible. I think it will have to be a really bright color to overcome the black background. milk try the bright yellow and see how it comes out. It’s one thing on the computer and another in practice.
  5. Perfect. Will do a test with it on an actual part and post back. I really appreciate everyone's feedback.
  6. Sweet. Thanks. Anyone else seconds the upper left? I ll take 2 for consensus.
  7. Ok. I think it will have to be the light yellow. the brown just does not make a good contrast with the background.
  8. Thanks for that feedback. If the fitment is the same, just different fuse labeling, it makes it easier as the labeling is easier than designing a new part. How about this ? Slightly different shades of yellow. I do agree that the brown would not pop out, but concerned with it not being legible against the black background. I think top left looks decent.
  9. Thanks for that feedback. I dont think ill be able to make the white happen. How about more of a brownish color? Should not pop as much from the cover and should still be easily legible.
  10. Hello again everyone. I would like your feedback again. Getting white on a decal has been difficult and attached are a few color options. Original was silk screened which i cant afford. I put a black background on it so you can see how it would look. But it will be on clear film. Let me know your thoughts or any other color suggestion.
  11. Thanks. I’ll try the 77-78. If the community likes them, then maybe I can look into other years or if it’s requested by the community.
  12. Thanks for that feedback. I thought the covers where different 74 to 76 from 77 to 78. This would technically only be for 77 to 78, unless I can get my hands on earlier years to take measurements, it would only be for 77 to 78 at the moment. Let me know if my assumptions are incorrect. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Will look into cost of a decal or silk screening style stamping.
  14. Thanks. Any feedback if the you personally would prefer a decal or recessed lettering like the shift knob?