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  1. Thanks, guys. I'm not looking to do a ground-up restoration for the foreseeable future. This would be a driver I can enjoy and fix/modify little things here and there. Maybe years down the line commit to putting it on a rotisserie, or sell and buy one already restored.
  2. Hey all, you guys have been very helpful in the past so I figured I'd see what you all think about this Z I found. Expired BaT listing here: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-75/ Looks like it didn't hit reserve at $7,250, and the current CL price is $10,500. I actually like the look of the G-nose on this one, and I'm not too concerned with low number cars or originality. Obviously, the interior needs some work, but other than that is there anything that particularly stands out? What would a good price be?
  3. Yeah no doubt. There's only so much you can get from pictures and talking to the owner, which is why I was wondering if a forum member had seen it in person, and if so, what their opinion is. In the first pic you can see what looks to be body filler near the front of the passenger door. Looks like it is also missing the chrome around the little mini window on the passenger side. But for what I'm looking for, those aren't huge issues.
  4. https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/1978-datsun-280z/6702585371.html Anybody had a chance to look at this one in person yet? There are almost no projects here on the east coast that aren't total rust buckets so I'm starting to consider shipping one from further west.
  5. beefpatty


  6. It's hard to balance excitement and prudence, that's why I come here so you guys can talk me down :).
  7. The fact that he was originally asking for $9,500 and trying to hide all of that rubs me the wrong way. TheErictag's post also gives me hope I can hold out for a much better candidate for the same price. Now you're just teasing me . It's good to have additional data points, though, so thanks!
  8. What would I do without you guys... Alright, looks like I'm passing on this one. Not all bad, though, as it was a great opportunity to learn some things.
  9. The guy texted me today if I had an offer, so I took your advice and offered $5k. I honestly thought he'd tell me to take a hike, but he countered with an offer of $6,500, so now I'm in a pickle. I didn't expect him to come that far off his asking price of $9,500. As I said before, when I checked it out we almost got it to run on starter fluid. Other than that the body looks really nice. Here are some pictures I took. Unfortunately, I didn't take as many as I should have, but the rocker panels and floor panels looked great. It's an original single-owner 1972 240z, even comes with the (albeit beatup) original manual. The stock radio is out because he was trying to install a bluetooth radio. I told him I'd like to sleep on it and think some more, to which he said no problem. Then he sent me this, not sure if that's a red flag. The context is that earlier before I made my offer I expressed hesitation at trying to get a motor to run as a newbie owner. Not sure if it matters, but the garage they had it stored was attached to a huge mansion with a big yard. So, I doubt the guy is strapped for cash. He said they want to make room for more projects, especially for his son. What should I do? Try to talk him down to $6k? Pay to have it towed to a mechanic specializing in vintage cars to give it a once over and see what they think it needs to start? Or just walk away?
  10. Yeah, I saw those, too! I had an alert for carsforsale, and like 5 different 240z's popped up as new listings on the same day. All of them are listed in Jacksonville, however, with the same phone number. I tried texting and calling that number but it wasn't a valid number. Then, I tried the dealership listed which looks like it's based out of New Jersey, and no one picked up there either. The cars look awesome, but something seems fishy. The yellow one had a winning bid on eBay two years ago for $11,200. This is that same car being sold now: https://www.carsforsale.com/vehicle/details/28590145
  11. Yeah, I think in the future though I will just add my future finds to this thread, rather than create a new one every time. Mostly Craigslist and eBay. I check Autotrader classic every now and then but it seems pretty stagnant. I'll have to add bringatrailer to my list. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for all the help. I may pass on this one as well after more thought. Not sure yet. I think there's a club near me that has monthly meetings, might check them out. Yeah, maybe waiting for a 240z is best. I looked at one today that is single owner, rebuilt floor and rocker panels and looked very good rust wise. Only problem was it wouldn't start. The engine would turn over, and for a second sounded like it would start with starter fluid (tank was empty), but no dice. I'd feel better about it if it ran out the gate but that, combined with his $9,500 OBO asking price has me thinking it might be too risky as a first time owner.
  13. I've been able to look at two so far, the second being just today. You're right, the ads are much different than in person. These two threads I've posted have been enormously helpful as an aspiring Z owner. This is honestly one of the best communities I've seen. I'm hoping I'll eventually find a car that I just know is "the one".
  14. I'm definitely in that conflict zone, although I will always lean toward "what I want" versus "something now". I'm in the Mid Atlantic area, so that one is definitely closer. The ad is off-putting, though. It's located in Apache Junction. Honestly, I am right on the bubble with this one, leaning towards no. If it were in my area, I think I'd be more inclined to a "yes", but the hassle of transporting and buying sight unseen are negatives. The general vibe I got from the guy is that he won't budge much from $5k as he is content with keeping it and fixing it himself, although that could just be a negotiating tactic. $4k would be tempting.
  15. Hi again! I posted about a week ago asking for advice on a 280z as this would be my first S30 as well as project car. I got some great advice that led me to not pursuing the car. I've applied that advice and now, I've potentially found another and was hoping I could get some more advice. My gut tells me this is a good one for a first project car, but I'd love to hear expert opinions. Link to owner pictures. Description by owner: The one major issue is that this car is a couple thousand miles from me, so I'd have to pay someone to inspect it and, if I bought it, deliver it. Aside from that, this seems like everything I'm looking for in my first project: a running, driving, intact, mostly stock car that I can fix/improve over time.
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