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  1. 2 days ago I noticed that my switch on my right lever (that controls the headlights driving lights etc ) was a little "sloppy" which is the only way I could describe it , I would turn it to the driving lights only at it would not work until I gave it a little extra push and it would work just fine . Now my driving lights won't come on , my dash is pitch black and even if I turn them all the way until my headlights come on , still no driving lights or dash lighting . Any ideas ok where should I start ?
  2. yeah i was thinking about that too , to pin point exactly where it was steaming it was from the cool reservoir , the lttle hose that connects to the top of it was steaming and lately it was been over filled , it used to be a little bit less than the full line and after that day it was steaming its been at 1 - 1 1/2 inch above that line so the reservoir does have more coolant then its supposed to have and sorry if im just trowing info these are all observations ive just noticed like in the past hour and im hoping to god its not a head gasket that would ruin me financially
  3. the full story is that after i did my belt change it started running hotter , i changed the thermostat and no luck , ive been observing the car all day and the symptoms appear as soon as the car gets to operating temperature i thought maybe it was a faulty coolant temp senor ( the one that allows my gauge to work but i got confirmation that it wasnt the case it was marking 240 when i parked my car at my college and the engine was steaming . i tested the fan clutch and it was ok its just weird how it suddenly started running hot , i only drive from my house to my college which is a 10 minute drive on a bad day and by the time im parked the car is at 230-240 . i just observed how my cooling system behaved and the lower hose was showing signs of pressure but the top hose took FOREVER to start showing signs off pressure . im really trying to pin point the problem before i spend a dollar , i really dont want to take it to a shop so they can throw parts at it . id rather find out exactly what it is and fix it in my auto class.
  4. well do i have some info for you guys haha , when it reached its new operating temperature i saw no coolant flow at the cap just steam ! and not even a lot of steam im talking a little bit more than bare minimum i think were on the right track also my lower radiator hose does show sign of flow but the top takes forever to show signs of flow
  5. it was after the belt change when the symptons started
  6. also my warm up tens to be a little slower as in once it hits 140-145 i stays there for 2-3 minutes then the temp gauge slowly starts creeping towards 180, then in about 45 seconds it creeps to 225 which is my new operating temperture
  7. do you think with proper belt tension this problem would go away motorsport auto claims that there should be 3/4-1 inch of belt deflection
  8. i tested the fan and its semi warm but the max rotaion i could get with a good push of the blade was about 5-7 inches ( not enough to put the next blade in the same spot as the one i pushed ) is there a way to test if the bearing is worn/shot? should i be able to hear the rattling when its running ?
  9. the hub does not budge but i can barely turn the belt not a full 1/4 maybe half of that
  10. dumb question but how should i do it? pull the cap off when its running ?
  11. do you mean that when its off it should be able to rotate 1/4 of a revolution? it has no play at all right now ?
  12. My problem happened after i replaced my alternator belt, my 77 (technically a 76 because of its production date) used to run at around 180-185F , now the norm is 210-230 or really close to over heating after a 7-11 minute drive and considering the weather in california is fairly cool/cold this problem is really weird to me. I already replaced the thermostat and its gasket (no luck) there are no leaks , other things that ive done to my car during this period where , an hks smf filter (mostly for looks) and replaced some worn rubber hoses that run across my intake manifold (which fixed my bad idle) this car is my daily driver to college please any help is welcome.
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