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  1. If anyone is interested in a 3.9 open diff, stock driveshaft, or a 4 speed automatic transmission, let me know! They'll be hanging out in my garage for the time being.
  2. Thank you for all the advice and input fellas. I'm forever in debt to the forum and I greatly appreciate you all taking your time to understand my unrealistic dreams. Information might be free but teaching is not! I would also like to apologize for my absence. Holiday season shenanigans are occupying quite the amount of time. I hope everyone had lovely holidays and happy tummies. I'm off to pick up the RB25 and trans in Montreal the 2nd weekend of January! A very kind member has sourced me one of his own 4.1 diffs and 280z mustache bars so that's on the way too. Hopefully he finds the half shaft mounts too. Then it's time to measure for the driveshaft! I'm dreading the wiring but I think a couple beers, a sharpie, and some tape will keep me busy. ADVICE NEEDED: I am going to replace gaskets and seals throughout while i rebuild the engine, would you (personally) replace the journal bearings for the crank regardless of condition? Also, might you have any recommended brands for gasket maker and assembly lube? I've been using Motul fluids and I was wondering if anyone knows of anything better suited for the RB Z. ALSO ALSO, is it actually safe to pull the engine and trans together with just the 2 bolt points? I feel like it might be a little heavy and I might just drop the trans itself tomorrow anyway. Any input would be wonderful! Thanks again guys, don't drink and drive and happy New Year!
  3. That is a very good point especially when future-proofing. I haven't really gone into the research of injectors, but logically that'd prove a serious problem with how I like to plan. On that same note, retune after retune has not even been calculated into my budget. I've been so caught up in figuring out how to just get this Z running again parts wise... The only outside help I've really looked into was body and frame repair. Welp, I definitely can't begin this build with odds like that. I'm more of a 101% kinda guy when it comes to money. Or ROI's rather, but still money in general. I guess I'll see what breaks this summer at the stock 250hp~ and go from there. Jeez, the L28 swap i was going to do sounds a hell of a lot more viable now haha.
  4. Sadly I have dreams that I'll never stop chasing and this happens to be one of them. I don't necessarily want 500whp but I want to feel the speed I crave. Whether it's spinning wheels or not my brain is infatuated with future-proofing for safety and planning. Seeing as I'm replacing all the major drive train components anyway I just wanted to overkill my HP part ratings in the event my ego takes over and asks for more. I should start considering building to an exact cause. I appreciate the advice. Low weight is definitely going to be more enjoyed than spinning tires. Speaking of tires, I've been on the fence of cutting the fenders and adding the zg flares or just throwing them on anyway. I'll have to do some test fitting when the time comes.
  5. Oh boy, not even a little huh. I did take the weight into account and the chassis rigidity, however I don't know where to stop for future planning! I'm cool with adding the cross bracing and reinforcing the chassis by any means, but all future modifications will be relative to power wants. In simple terms, I will prep the car before adding power and I will choose parts based off of their power limits. Of course as I add power I'll have a better idea of where I want to be. That is a painfully large number I wish I could explain the power I want by the quantity of elephants I feel on my chest while accelerating.
  6. I've gotten to drive (for like 15 minutes) a 911, one of those new chargers SRT 392 I think, and I've sat in the new 4L C63 AMG. Not pushing limits at all whatsoever. As for Japanese turbo cars I've really only been in a 450whp~ r32 GTR and it was a hoot. I absolutely agree with you, I don't need that amount of power... But I really want it. I'll be sitting at 250whp~ for about 2 years anyways so I'll see how I like it! I'm planning for the future so I only have to buy parts once, would you say I'm waaaaay over doing it or just over doing it?
  7. notWes

    77 280z automatic for sale or for parts.

    Hey there redfogo, I understand that the auto '77 280z's came with an R180 differential, but I thought I might ask if you happen to have swapped an R200 back there?
  8. Just a reliable 550 to the wheels is the goal! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  9. Hey Zed Head, thank you! I'll send him a pm Much appreciated.
  10. Hello forum! It seems I've taken quite the hiatus in my internet life, I've missed this place and I'm very excited to have the time to be back! Where to start.. I guess near where I left off last. OH, before I start to ramble I'd like to state that I've named the 240z Hayami. I will likely refer to the 240z as "her" or "Hayami" or "Haya" or "Yami" (I totally scrolled back up to add nicknames as i was typing) too many times in the future of my postings. I ended up working a heck of a lot since I was here last because the not running dream car was disappointing to wake up to. I've saved enough and I'm finally ready to start my build! Shortly after familiarizing myself with my L24 (or any engine for that matter, heh) and its condition I came to the conclusion that my engine isn't worth my investment for where I want to be. Firstly, the non-matching ID plates on the car steered me away from a restoration. Secondly, I was too excited and jumped all over the nice body and frame 240z that I over-looked the fact it was automatic. I reaaaally enjoy manual. Thirdly, I know for a fact I will want more power (human nature?) and the limits of the L series come far too soon. Hayami has become a Resto-mod, a modific-esto to be more honest. On that note, I will need to buy another 240z for an original resto. In conclusion to my elementary school essay structure, I've decided on an RB25DET S2 swap with a wide 5 speed trans. This big ol' heart plans to spin an R200 LSD. As for suspension, brakes, body, interior, that'll be put on hold for a while. Straying quite far from my original "body and frame first!" Mindset. I went ahead and started removing what I can that's necessary for pulling the L24, I drained the fluids throughout the engine and drivetrain so I don't add more stains to the garage, I prepped the hood for removal and inspected my brackets and mounts. I hopped in the car and started fiddling with the dash and the instruments to see what'll get that thing off so I can do some wiring harness adjustments for the swap. Oh, I also remembered that my tie rods were a little floppy or had some play. I googled that, and of course the worst-case repercussion ends in potential fatal accident when your wheel falls off. So, Wesley is going to order replacements for those shortly. Centre console's out and transmission is ready to drop. I would love for any guidance or input on reputable companies, do's and donโ€™t's during my build, experiences, the whole bit! I didn't feel like I was buying my car alone when I came here for guidance, and I want you to feel a part of my first build to return the favour ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll be taking lots of pictures but probably not so many videos. I'm still looking for a long nose R200 LSD which I posted a WTB for. They're surprisingly difficult to find around me; I've seen hundreds of z31's and 300zx's around... I'll be going with a 3.9 or 4.11 R200 in hopes of beating the other guy to the next red light. I'd like to pick up an engine and trans together but the combo seems to never work out, and of course when it does the cost doesn't. Hmm, 3-core radiator from Champion for cooling. AH, does anyone know of any silicone tubing specialists? Intercooler highly likely coming from McKinney, local shop quotes surprisingly2 add up to the similar cost even after shipping and USD to CAD conversion. But I want to learn how to do it all so DIY where I can (sorry pockets)! Engine, and transmission mounts also from the trusted McKinney. Oh, guys Enjuku Racing makes a really well priced rear sump oil pan w/ pick up. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this pan? It's quite a crucial part imo, but $800 USD for a rear sump pan from the others are steep. I mean it only holds oil, but by the same token IT HOLDS OIL! I'm starting to hunt on the forums for custom part makers and such, kind of feeling guilty asking when I do absolutely nothing for you guys here. That pretty much just leaves the wiring harness, jeez the harness. I don't enjoy tracing wires due to its tedious nature, as an electrician it's quite the dull task. But at least it's a relatively expensive swap component that I can save money on. Woo hoo not entirely a wrenching noob! Hmm, soldering-wrench, crimp-wrench, and multimeter-wrench... Definitely still entirely a wrenching noob. Anyway, that pretty much sums up where Hayami's been and will be soon! I somehow worked 330+ days this year and it went by pretty quick ๐Ÿ™‚ I still can't believe I own my dream car already; what a life I've been given. I'll be creeping around the forums and I'll be posting as my parts come in and as my mind runs more. Thanks for the read, from here on out it'll be more pictures and less words! Oh also, I'd like throw out another request. If anyone has any useful links for learning about rebuilds, swaps, and general auto education please do share! Warm regards, Wes
  11. Hello there, I am currently on the hunt for a long nose R200 differential! Ideally I would like a 4.1 CLSD. However I will happily settle for a 3.9 CLSD. I seem to be having poor luck with local yards and shops and decided to drop back in here as I scavenge. Additionally It would be wonderful if anyone has a 280z mustache bar from a part out! ... Or anywhere really, my swap budget has been exceeded already (probably not surprising)! Any direction or advice is greatly appreciated! Note: I'm a Canadian resident and I'm willing to ship for the right part! Thanks, Wesley
  12. I had a couple free hours this weekend so i jumped into the garage to hunt for my leak source. I found a coolant leak and an oil leak! Just waiting for the transmission to leak now [emoji106] Coolant's definitely leaking from the rad core and the rad cap seal is in mediocre condition. The water jackets are definitely obstructed looking at its condition just from inlets/outlets. There is some thick rusty/calcium-y/iron-y stuff gunked on in many places, BUT hardly anything came out with the coolant. I plan to replace the rad with a mishimoto 2 core and a slim dual fan shroud to support 12"electric fans. Question regarding coolant: Where the heck is the drain plug for the water jackets on the block? I have seen one by the starter motor, and one tucked behind the manifold, but neither on mine /: (I spun the coolant out with the water pump manually to get it out of the lower rad hose) As for the oil leak, it appears to be leaking at the head on top of the timing case. I should be removing the head right now but I'm on call for a pick up so that'll have to wait. Soon I will remove the timing cover just to make sure it's not leaking there, then the head comes off afterwards when i find out i wasted my time and what can go wrong did go wrong All considerations are based off my indecisiveness; I will decide what engine/transmission goes in after I fix essentials. Of course some parts like the water pump and thermostat will go to waste when i swap but I'm itching to go out for a cruise. Ordering my goodies after the 15th next month [emoji106][emoji106][emoji16] Thought: If I get a lower temp thermostat (160 vs 180 degrees) could i get away with a single fan on the dual fan shroud? I'm buying two fans anyway. Thought #2: PROBLEMZ is now a viable custom plate option. Thanks again for the read! More ideas to come. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  13. I agree with this statement, however i have read that mixing certain chemicals can break down the coolant's formula resulting in reduced performance of heat transfer. I have also read that i should never mix coolant brands for the same reason. I'm probably worrying way too much [emoji28] Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  14. I've heard/read wonderful things about the 3.9 diff! Definitely on my list. Although as of late I've been considering a full RB20 swap because of all the new leaks i keep discovering. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  15. Do you have the 280zx transmission mated to that L28 by any chance? Haha right on, glad to hear that When you say worked do you mean overhauled?

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