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  1. It must have been it has sold already. That was definitely fast.
  2. Grannyknot I'll keep my eye on it. He says he will post more pictures so I'll look at those. One thing I noticed and wonder about is why are the majority of ads seem to up by Seattle. I'm not sure if that is really true or just for some reason those are the ones that just keep catching my eye but it seems like it.
  3. Ok I will take your guys advice I'm sure you guys have much more experience with these cars then I do. I'll just keep keep looking for now one will pop up eventually.
  4. Thanks guys for all the input I really appreciate it. He says he only has time on Saturdays so I have time to think on it.
  5. I mainly want it for a daily driver, it doesn't need it to be show car quality. If I were to get it I would drive up with a trailer and pick it up. And yeah I didn't think I was going to trust what he says the condition the frame is in. I suspected at the least there was still going to be some work to be done on it.
  6. Well I like a challenge as long as it is something that I can fabricate and work on myself. My only concern would be money when it comes to where I find a big problem that I wouldn't be able to fix without some pre-made parts. Otherwise I have no problem with taking the time to work on it. I'd rather drive something that I've worked on. Thanks for the quick reply also.
  7. Hey guys I'm brand new to the forums. I've been wanting to get an S30 for a while now just haven't been able to find one for the right price. I just wanted to get your opinions on this car I'm looking at. Looking at the add he obviously doesn't like people asking about rust on his car but says the frame is good and the car will run. Is it worth it? Body work and stuff I can deal with I just don't know how much structural damage there might be without actually getting to look at it myself and I'm pretty far away from where he is at. Any help would be appreciated thank you. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/5623188033.html
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