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  1. I'll check tonight after work and if it's milky I'll drain it, thanks JSM. I'm waiting on a ballpark quote from a cylinder head specialist. 1982 280zx 2+2 non-turbo, auto in Melbourne, Australia
  2. Hi all. Thanks for your suggestions. Just got home from work. I pulled the plugs and cranked the starter - sure enough, there is a whole lot of water in cylinder 6. So I guess it's the head gasket? If so, good news I suppose. Could be a lot worse! I've always used quality coolant, but I've only had her for 5 out of her 35 years. The radiator was certainly full of plain old water when I took ownership. That said, the radiator was in fairly good condition and didn't run brown when I first drained it. 1982 280zx 2+2 non-turbo, auto in Melbourne, Australia
  3. Hi all. My 1982 280zx refused to start a few days ago in a very strange way and then, when she did start, blew clouds of white smoke. Before I have her towed to a mechanic, I'd really appreciate the opinion of club members as to just how much trouble i'm in for. This is my daily driver, so it's fairly urgent that I do something about getting her back on the road. She had been running really well - plenty of power, including uphill, with very little exhaust smoke. Oil level hasn't moved since I last serviced her about three months ago. When I turned the key the other day, the starter kicked and I could see and hear that the engine was attempting to turn over. The battery and alternator are quite new. I also have a lithium ion jump starter that I plugged in, so I was fairly confident that battery wasn't an issue. After four or five tries, the engine very slowly turned over with a kind of squelching noise, like rubber against metal, and sprang to life - with a cloud of smoke from the exhaust that hadn't been there before. I drove her around the block the next day and there was no noticeable difference in power. Still plenty of compression, but with what seemed to be something intermittently freezing up/dragging in the engine, accompanied by constant and copious clouds of white smoke. Obviously I don't want to exacerbate the issue, so I drove straight home and the car is laid up in the driveway. - I don't have a compression tester, so my saying 'plenty of compression' is based on the performance of the engine under load. - I had the manifold cover off a few months ago and did the valve timing. Everything looked surprisingly good. Nice clean oil, with very little varnish on the cam and rockers. I'm fairly confident I torqued everything properly afterward. - I have suspected that the oil seals are in need of replacement for a while as there seems to be a little bit of oil blow-by, particularly when the engine is cold. - I advanced the timing a week or so ago, to around 20 degrees when it would normally sit at around 10. She seemed much happier, easier cold starting and a fair bit more power. But I'm guessing that I pushed her a little bit too far. Other stuff - Oil is Penrite HPR30 20W-60 - Oil filter, sparks, leads, dizzy cap and rotor, fuel filter and air filter are all pretty new - I've systematically gone through all of the EFI components, tested, adjusted and repaired - Cold idle has been rough for a while, with occasional misses and splutters, but she ran fine once warmed up. Any ideas folks? Thanks in advance
  4. This may be a long shot, but check that the switch in your auto gear shifter is working. I had similar issues in my 83 280zx and traced it to the auto gear shift. It's the switch that won't allow the car to start unless it is in park and in my car it is located under the centre console within the shifter mechanism. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk