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  1. Hello Bill. So you acquired the yellow Z? Do you have a copy of the Z Car Magazine article that it featured in .. if not I'll be very happy to send you a copy. I'm interested that you say the car now has reverted to dual carbs ... were the triples removed at some point in its history? Perhaps this was after the British Columbia owner sold the car on. We should certainly double check we are talking about the same car (!) .. if we are referring to the same one, then I think my car and yours are like cousins. Best regards from the UK
  2. Of course I should add the obligatory picture
  3. In the article, the owner creates his '263Z' by bringing together an L28 block with 240Z crankshaft and flat-top pistons. An E31 head is retained and moderate regrind of a 280Z camshaft. Then comes the work to convert to triple SUs .. he designed his own manifold castings from first sketches to wooden patterns for sand molds, and then manufactured them using old Detriot aluminium manifolds from a junkhard donor. Throttle linkages, balance tubes, fuel lines etc. were custom fabricated. Finally an exhaust header is added, 2 1/2 inch exhaust and lightened flywheel. My car follows a similar approach by the guys friend, but retained the 280Z crankshaft. NB. I know that the yellow car featured in the article was eventually sold down to Oregon in 2003 after 27 years with that owner . maybe (hopefully) it is still on the road?
  4. hi. I'm hoping you/kmack see my post just on an old triple SUs thread.

    thanks. Jonathan

  5. Wow, I seem to be resurrecting a 10 year old thread here, but some websearching on triple SUs led me here. So i just signed up to the forum from the UK to comment and try and research my car. @deadflo, I know the car you referred to because i have a copy of that Z Car Magazine article. I own another triple SU car mentioned in the same article, not the yellow one in British Colombia, but a red one built by a friend of the yellow car owner. My car, the red one, later found it's way from BC to Texas in the 2000s, making me wonder if that owner was the unnamed person referred to by kmack. I know that owners id too, as the car was featured in a Z Club of Texas mag which i also have copy of. I bought the car last year, and have made contact with the BC owner/engine builder which has helped me to in some of the cars history. But there is more to track down if its Texas years before it came to the UK for new. only last weekend i took it to Japfest at Silverstone racetrack.