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    Hey everyone. I live in Colorado, and I use my Z as a daily driver. Its a 1983 280zx Turbo, T-tops ect. Recently this winter slid on the ice into a curb at probably about 20 MPH. Moral of the story is driving Z's in the snow sucks. I bent the frame a bit. I have a wrinkle in the frame behind the wheel on the right front side. I can add pictures alter, but I am at work. At first I thought it was the steering rack, but it is just the frame (could be better could be worse) My Z is pretty rust free, but the frame is still a bit of a worry. Would it be recommended to just see what can be done with a standard frame machine? Or should I look into offsetting with adjustments to the A-arm? Recommendations welcome. I ultimately want to strip the undercoating that is currently there and re-coat it with POR-15 or something similar. If possible I'd also like to reinforce the frame rails, just for performance purposes, I do not intend to swap or do much other mods, I am keeping it stock as mechanically she is a dream with only 145k original miles. I also need to replace the fender (Driver's front Quarter) Which I can get cheap, but I was curious as to the process of replacing. (Frame is more important at the moment) Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!
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