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  1. Bkecause of my detachment from the Datsun hobby, I didn't know of Victor's passing.  He was a good friend back in my Datsun days.  Like the Datsun hobby, I also lost track of Vic as wall as the many other great people whom the hobby brought into my life. Vic and I go back to the days of 510 Again (The national Datsun 510 Club) if anyone remembers that.  Forgive me if this video has already been posted somewhere on this site.

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  2. I'm actually still here too!  Well, occasionally.  I ended up putting the FICD system in the car I mentioned above in post # 2 approaching 11 years ago.  It was actually easy.  I used the vacuum tank and magnet valves but I didn't use the vacuum switch.  I tapped into the power line to the compressor so when the compressor was switched on, the vacuum went to the FICD and raised the idle.  I haven't owned the car in over 6 years but the system was easy to figure out and worked flawlessly.  Unfortunately, since I don't have the car I can't take pictures of the setup.

  3. I know where he lives......and he's been at it for long time.  When he gets enough negative feed back, he'll just change his user ID:


    The box below contains the User IDs that this member has used on eBay.


    User ID   Effective Date   End Date    

    datsun-parts   May-01-07   Present   

    ur-gelis   Oct-21-04   May-01-07    

    bad-mfr   May-12-03   Oct-21-04    

    absolutely-ghetto   Mar-03-03   May-12-03    

    2602nv   Mar-20-02   Mar-03-03  


  4. Do you know how the wink mirror mounts to the roof?  The only place I can think of to attach the mounting arms is the forward headliner moulding, but the arms in the photo are angled backward.

    The arms swivel and can mounted at various angles.

  5. I have a 4-pane racing mirror, but you can't mount it in the S30 without drilling holes in the roof.  the roof is too low to see out the back with one, anyway.

    I had a 5 panel wink mirror in my 78 280Z (as well as in the 79 810) for the entire time I owned it.  Had no problem seeing out of the back window with it and it virtually eliminated any blind spots.

  6. I received this email from Joe Hastie formerly of the Datsun Heritage Museum this morning.


    This e-mail is being sent to people who visited the Datsun Heritage Museum. The 1980 Black and Gold Datsun 280ZX owned by Fred Jordan, the founder of the DHM is available for sale.


    John Williams and I are helping Betty Jordan find a good home for this fine vehicle. If you are interested in this vehicle please contact John or me for additional information. Please feel free to distribute the attached flyer to anyone else who may be interested in purchasing this vehicle.


    Thank you.


  7. There are online stores in mainland China that will sell you a 'clone' Samsung as well as other brand phone comlete with the logos on the phone, packaging, etc.  They do let you know up front that it's not the real thing plus they only cost a fraction of what the real phone costs.  I've often wondered how they can get away with that.

  8. Mainland China factories can fake anything. Beware. It usually lasts only long enough for you to buy it and try once.

    I learned about that with cell phones.  They 'clone' most of the better known phones but appearance is about the only thing they have in common with the real item. 

  9. Why does it say; "0 Warning Points" beneath my avatar?  Am I supposed to have warning points?  Or is that reserved for my snotty attitude?!  Who has the most points?  I don't want to get left out of the championship!

    I've got 2.....apparently they're permanent.  Something to do with that 'Z-Vette' guy back when I was more active on the site.  (Does he still post here?)  Seems like a long time ago. 

  10. I think you misunderstood... What Zed is saying is that the font in the "compose window" (when you are typing a response to a post as I am right now) is larger and easier to read then what it looks like after you are done replying to a post and hit "Add Reply".


    Once you hit "Add Reply" and your post is added to the bottom of the thread and you're looking at the whole thing, the font gets smaller.

    In other words, when you are in the process of composing, it uses one font. But when you are done composing and view the whole thread, it uses a different smaller and lighter font. Once you're done, it's the same font as everyone else, but while you are CREATING the post, it's larger.

    Okay.  Bottom line is the posts still look washed out so some type of tweak is still needed. 

  11. I hate to be whiny and I do appreciate progress.  But the font in the posts is small and washed out.  The font in this window I'm typing in is darker, higher contrast, and bigger.  Easy to read.  It takes work to read the posts in the threads.  Any way to make the posts look like what I'm typing right now?  Even better, a little thicker and one size bigger.

    Your post looks the same as the rest.  Apparently the changes you made are only showing up on your computer.  I guess that's something else that will have to be addressed.  'Tweaks' are always a part of this type of upgrade.

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