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  1. That's about 500+ miles, right? Even @ 30 mpg and @ $4.00 per gallon, that would easily exceed $50.
  2. All the EFI wiring is also on that side, the only thing on the other side is the spark plugs. Bob, your vents are on the way, should be there no later that Wednesday.
  3. There's only a shield on the left side vent that goes over the injectors. I'm packaging up a good used set to send to rcb280z as soon as I shut down this computer. I'll have those in the mail tomorrow, Bob.
  4. Sarah, are you talking about ester oil? If so, it's really not that dificult to find. I get mine from Johnstone Supply. All they do is HVAC.
  5. On the back of that knob/switch there should be two wires, one that feeds power to the switch and another that sends power for it to the compressor. There's also a capillary tube that goes from the back of that switch to the evaporator core to sense it's temperature. Check to see of you have power to the wire that feeds the switch when the key is in the on position and your HVAC controls are in the position show in your attachment. If so, try jumping the two wires together and see of the comperssor comes on. That would tell you whether or not the switch is bad.
  6. The ones with plug in pigtails are for the thermotime switch and temp sensor IIRC.
  7. Have you checked the fuel pressure? That might help to answer the last question you posed.
  8. My 78 was at 99482 when I sold it in 2009. Two owners later I'm sure that 00000 has come and gone....
  9. That's not a factory system. It likely doesn't have a pressure switch as many add on systems didn't back then.
  10. Wow...a 10 year dormant thread awakened. That has to be the record.
  11. A line from the movie Dodgeball comes to mind after looking at that picture:
  12. The pressure switch is under the hood, usually screwed into the receiver/drier on a factory system.
  13. Well, maybe that's not their main function but when both the inner felt and the outer sweep are in proper condition, they do keep the majority of the water out.
  14. My bookmark for this site is "Classic ZCar Club - Recent Forum Threads"
  15. I wouldn't even give them that much credit. They have a chip listed on their site for my 83 El Camino......it's carbureated
  16. Their purpose is to keep the water from getting the door. They pressed against the glass on my 78 and I just installed a set on my El Camino and they press against the glass on it also.
  17. ....and I wouldn't use a file to clean them. You want to remove the corrosion but not the metal from the terminal. I used spray contact cleaner and a pipe cleaner.
  18. I'm pretty sure he wants one that's LHD since he's in the Middle East.
  19. I always flush diffentials with..........differential oil. Did it on both the 280Z and the 810 soon after I purchased them. And I replaced it with regular dino lube. I only use synthetic on vehicles that call for it but that's just me.
  20. I just came across another one. I'm looking at a 1982 GMC Caballero which is essentially a 1982 Chevrolet El Camino branded as a GMC. This would replace my daily driver Ford Ranger. That's the one PO put the stickers on that seem to cause Moonpup so much consternation no matter how many times I tell the stroy but I digress. Anyway, a Caballero is literally a 'horseman' in Spanish but the generally accepted meaning is 'gentleman'. There was a trim packacge available on the GMC Caballero known as the 'Diablo'. Thankfully (I think) the one I'm looking at doesn't have that package. But, in my limited Spanish, a Caballero Diablo is a 'gentleman devil'??
  21. Not really true but always seems to come up in car name discussions. That would only work if the car was named 'No va' instead of 'Nova':http://www.snopes.com/business/misxlate/nova.asp
  22. I've heard the story of Corvette being name after a Italian warship but I've never heard of Camaro having any type of translation. Always though it was just a 'made up' word. El Camino tranlates 'the road' or 'the way' in Spanish IIRC.
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