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  1. I see the ododmeter reading but I though that the extra digit didn't come along until 1981......
  2. Are you a 'bot?? If not, read the rest of the thread.....tony5050 isn't here, hasn't been here in over 4 years, and, from most indications, won't be back.
  3. Apparently your quotation marks around the word "chipping" in the post that illicited that response weren't big enough??
  4. Did you check the front cover to make sure that there were no cracks, holes, etc. on the side that faces the engine? I once had a problem like that caused by the coiled wire stiffiner inside of the radiator hose getting caught on the water pump impeller and it scraped a hole in the back of the cover.
  5. I'm wondering if nwa240 will see your post. It's been at least a couple of years since I recall seeing him here, in fact, it's been a while since I've seen you here.
  6. The old muffler would be what? 36-37 years old?
  7. I've always heard that it was filmed at Laguna Seca. I don't know for use. If that is Laguna Seca, ironically he crashed a Scarab there a couple of years or so ago at the Monterey Historics. Not a Datsun V8 conversion but a 1958 Scarab roadster.
  8. That's how I've always felt. When I had my 78 I also had 2 complete spare bumper sets including the rubber. I didn't pay a lot for them; they came from the junkyard and were in excellent condition. When I sold my car, I gave the spares to a friend who had a 77 and he put one set on his car and sold the other for $300 (or so he says).
  9. This wasn't available over 9 years ago when this thread began. Electronic power steering isn't really the same thing. I know that is has been sporadically problematic in some modern cars that were factory equipped with it. Vehicles such as the Chevy HHR and other vehicles on that platform have had issues with electronic power steering. We owned an HHR until recently and had to replace the power steering motor @ 38000 miles (just out of warranty). That being said, I'm not sure how reliable a realatively new add on kit would be.
  10. The port or dealer installed A/C also had a seperate temperature control knob mounted somewhere under the dash (location vaired by installer).
  11. Except for A/C. There was 'dealer installed' A/C such as the A.R.A. systems the would have been added later to a non A/C equipped car, and factory option A/C that would have been installed during assembly in Japan.
  12. D4160-00003 is in the microfiche. Dealer installed options wouldn't be listed there.
  13. I used to run motorcycle fork oil in mine 'back in the day' worked fine. It was also 20wt.
  14. That's right, Kent Moore also made A/C charging stations. I may have even used one of those back when I did HVAC/MVAC.
  15. It was revived by a 'bot...he's been reported and removed.
  16. Can't tell from the pics if it's a 4 or 5 spd. but it's not a roadster trans. Starter is on the wrong side.
  17. And how would it be useful on a on a stock efi S30 without other modifications?
  18. You asked about one of the other Kent Moore analyzers in another thread a while back IIRC. I've been around the Datsun hobby since the 70s, even worked at a dealership for a while and I've never seen anyone that had or used on of the units, any model. Why are they popping up now some 30 years later? Are they 'new' or used? I can't think of anything that I rather hook up to my vehicle than an electronic machine that's been sitting somewhere for 30 years (sarcasm intended!). Especially when it is uncertain which vehicle(s) it's actually 'compatible' with. The 280Z/ZX efi isn't all that complicated to need a special machine to work on it. Use a DVOM.....
  19. Sometimes you don't really have a choice when you have and out-of-production car that IS American-made, like my El Camino.
  20. There's a picture of one on page 7 in the illustration in the owners manual albeit not a very clear one.....
  21. Had them in my Z and also in my 810. The look like these:
  22. They were made out of a semi clear plastic. The weren't H shaped. They just sort of clipped over the belt and you could move them to any position.
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