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  1. Alright, I've got a photo of one of the spark plugs: A few things to consider: - I pulled three and all three are the same. So, I am assuming the other three are the same. - Please remember I was running the previous AFM for some time (about 6 months) before replacing it with the "new" one (only about 10 miles on this one) Because the car, with the new AFM behaved like it was running a bit lean, I adjusted the Idle Mixture Adjustment Screw about a quarter turn toward rich (clockwise). I'd read that it only adjusts the mixture at idle (and, thus, the name), but the car is running really well now, both in idle and when running. It has a lot of power, too (contrary to previously). However, I did go through everything and make sure the connectors were firmly connected and that both ends were tight (where the tubes for the air filter and the other end connect). I took her out on the road, city and highway, and she was running smoothly at all speeds. In any case, I will drive it for a while, see if it acts up again, and monitor the gas mileage.
  2. Thanks, guys. Great info! I appreciate this.
  3. Dude. I asked you to stay out of this thread and let others help. I care how the information is given. There are plenty of doctors one can see that can provide basic care, but I won't go to one that is an arse. Same goes for help here. I did state the car had new plugs, new wires, etc. While I should have said it was tuned, normally swapping out the plugs and wires, etc., is a part of tuning the car (and, yes, there is more to it than that). No, I have not gone through the Engine Fuel chapter. I will look that over.
  4. Sorry. I assumed I was looking for help, not an attitude. You came right off with one. Sorry that I am not a mechanic to describe things to your specifications (also, as stated in the first post). I suppose you missed that one, too. "Chug" pretty easy to figure out. If you read books (those things with a plethora of words in them) that tell stories, often descriptive words are used to help someone see an image, etc. In this case, chug, when not being used to describe drinking a liquid, means to move along slowly. In fact, the word "chug" has a specific definition when it comes to cars and engines, as per this definition (straight from a dictionary): "emit a series of regular muffled explosive sounds, as of an engine running slowly." It's not my fault if you do not understand a common English term nor how it is commonly used (especially when Google is so near at hand). In any case, thank you so much for attempting to ruin my experience here. I would appreciate it if you would back out of this thread and allow one of the more helpful people to assist me. If my words are not correct or I am not describing something properly (again, I am NOT a mechanic), then I hope that one of these other helpful people will be so kind as to help me by pointing me in the right direction.
  5. Typically when one says they have a 5-speed, they mean they have a 5-speed, shifted transmission, not an automatic. And I stated this in the first sentence. I was in third gear while going up the entrance ramp. With the previous AFM I could easily go up this same ramp in third, shift to fourth, and enter the highway at 55 with no issues. As stated above, I could not get the car past 35 MPH. I did not see the RPMs but will look the next time I take the Z out. As stated, it's a stock engine (inline 6). I assumed (yes, dangerous) that people understood what that means. There have been no modifications, etc. The car had a decent amount of work on it from a mechanic who is reliable. The fuel lines are all new, as is the fuel pump and filters. The plugs, wires, injectors, pig tails, are all new, too. The AFM was not and, as I stated, swapping out the AFM caused the engine to idle beautifully compared to the original one. From what the mechanic had said, fuel pressure was fine.
  6. Hello! I have a 1977 280Z stock 5-speed. The original AFM seemed like it was having some issues. The engine was running rich (you could smell it and I was getting horrible gas mileage), at idle the engine did not run steady/consistent (it revved up and down sort of like ooooOOOOooooOOOOoooo ... if that makes any sense ... and the tach would move with it below 1000 RPMs to slightly about 1000 RPMs), and, lastly, sometimes when going slow in third the car would hit a point where it would jerk until you either sped up or slowed down even further. I had a spare (used) AFM and swapped it out today. The first thing I noticed is the car idled smoothly/evenly right about about 1000 RPMs. This is the best this car's sounded since I've had it. So, I took it for a ride. That's when I ran across another problem. The car seemed to do great when driving in the city (no jerking when running slowly in 3rd gear), but I ran into a problem when I went on the highway. The entrance ramp I was using is pretty steep (uphill) and the car chugged. I could barely get 'er over 35-40 and so I could not get up to highway speed. Once on the highway I was able to get her going, albeit slowly. Once up to speed, she had a lot more pep. I am assuming that she is now running a tad lean? But I am no mechanic. Not by a long shot. Obviously the new AFM made a difference, solving a few issues and introducing a new one. So, where do I go from here? What should I check? And how do I tweak this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. For now, I am opting for two small boxes in the hatch area, each with a 6x9 speaker. That will get me through the rest of the restoration of this vehicle. After that? We'll see ...
  8. Thanks for pointing that out (about the mounts). I should have read instead of just looking at the pretty pictures. I was wondering about installing them here:
  9. Thanks, Jarvo2! I like the mounts in your second link! That looks about perfect. As far as the door cards, I have a few extras for each door ... so I wasn't too worried about that . Definitely don't want them in the headrests. My seats still have good, original leather on them.
  10. Hello all! I am getting ready to replace the speakers in the rear section of my 280Z 2+2 and thought about adding two more smaller speakers in the doors near the front ... or somewhere else, if possible ... to have a decent, four speaker system. My question is, where would you install these speakers? I currently have the inner door panels off and I don't see a convenient place to install speakers, though there is a circular indent near the bottom toward the front of the door (the side that hinges to the car body). This is an indentation, not a cut out. Can I cut this out and install a speaker there? If I do, would it interfere with something, such as the raising/lowering of the window? So, yeah, if any of you have any suggestions where to place two speakers toward the front of the car, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  11. Right. So, since I am getting 11-12 city and 17 hwy, I need to find out what's going on.
  12. Thanks. I have heard about people doing this. However, even if I end up doing a lot more work, I'd like to see if I can get my Z to get better gas mileage with the injectors. If not ... well ... I am definitely open to suggestions.
  13. Sorry, but I am dense. What is a "set of su's with sm needles"?
  14. Thanks! That was a big help. Now I know and, as they say, knowing is half the battle!
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