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  1. I was in Sports/Foreign Class 1960 and up. There was a Jaguar XKE, Ferrari, couple of Austin Healey's, Porsche, etc.
  2. Had a great day Sunday with my 1972 Lemon Lime 240Z at the Misslewood Concours d'Elegance in Beverly, MA. She took Best in Class at a very prestigious show. This is great news for us 240's owners as the Datsun name and mark are starting to get noticed. Considering the quality of cars that were in attendance this is huge. Jeff Mader
  3. I originally heard the dates for ZCON 2016 were like 8/9 - 8/13 BUT I thought I saw something that said it changed to 8/2 - 8/6.......can anyone confirm this please?? Jeff Mader
  4. Great vendor....in the final stages of a '72 restoration.....have bought many parts and all have been top quality. Fast shipping too!
  5. I need to get my vacuum control valve re - plated. The piece on the end is aluminum and my plater has warned me that the aluminum will disintegrate in the plating process. Doesn't look like it comes part easily. Any suggestions as to what I can do. Thanks. Jeff Mader
  6. What will happen is that he will end up doing a deal "off" e-bay. A serious collector won't bid on e-bay....he'll contact the seller after it doesn't sell and they'll work out a deal. Happens all the time (that's what I do).
  7. I saw where he wants $90,000....it's listed on another site. Ya right!
  8. Having done a few of these restoration's this is a $20-$25K maybe. It's a nice car. There is a mish - mash of parts in the engine bay....some correct clamps some Auto Zone clamps....braided hoses and non braided hoses. Be interesting to see what it ends up at.
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