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    My car is a 1978 Datsun 280Z. Its in the works! Gread body, needs paint, but new floor pans, no major rust! Same, original 2.8 L28 straight 6, rebuilt in California by a previous owner with only 125,000 miles. Great, fun, loud and awesome S30 Z.

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  1. So i have a 1978 280Z and im having an issue with my alternator. Im not actually sure what the problem is.... Ive had my alternator rebuilt and tested. Ive also had my battery replaced and tested. Both work, but the alternator is still not charging the battery. Once the car is started it will run, but as soon as I cut it off and try and restart it... the battery is dead. So it must be a wiring issue, but im just wondering if this has happened to anyone els.... if so, What is the problem???:mad::mad: