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  1. Sorry, I'm on my phone. I mean L26 not L25 haha. Thanks for replying guys.
  2. Should I keep it original with the L24? ? Or should I take the time to get an L25 or L28?
  3. Just graduated from high school in June. Took my graduation money and some money that i had saved up and found a '72 240z in Modesto. Ran a little rough, made some calls, determined that it was either timing issues or the carburetors. Fixed those issues before, especially with carburetors on motorcycles. Anyways, right when i began to head up the freeway towards my home, it started to constantly overheat. Had it towed. Solved the overheating issue and the timing. Ran a little bit better everyday that i had it this summer. Ended up doing a pressure test on the cylinders, Major power issues with it driving. Cylinders 2-3 had no pressure at all. (0-20) compared to 195-200. Took the head off, my hunch was correct, blown head gasket. The guy before me ran it with a blown head gasket for so long that the piston in cyl. No. 2 has holes in it and the cylinder wall is going to need boring out. Took it to a shop that rebuilds engines. Quoted me $1,600. Another shop quoted me $1,300. Generally for a rebuild, not that much, but i just started college and i got a new job twenty miles away. Should i hold on to my Z and make it into a project while i save up money for another car? or should i get rid of it? It would hurt so much to get rid of her. Overall, the car is still solid, mostly surface rust. Thanks everyone!