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  1. Thank you guys for the reply. I will take a look into all post because I am curious myself. As for the switched poles, i luckily placed them in the right spot. However, I did remove the rotor head plug that connects the spark plugs. I could have grounded my car? I am still looking for my fusible wires but no shop carries what I want ATM.. I will update if there is fire. I'll try to record it too if it happens!
  2. Thank you SteveJ. I am going to do as listed and report if there is another fire. I am sure I placed the poles in the right order. However, when I placed the positive pole on first and then the negative pole , I get these small sparks or visible currents before the negative pole just as it touches the negative terminal. Does this sound correct or even safe?
  3. Hello datsun community, Long time lurker and first time poster. I recently purchased a 1977 280z and it has been sitting at home for a couple of months. When I tried to start the car, the engine sounded like it was trying to turn but not enough electricity was coming from the battery. I tested and the battery fail. Today, I bought a new battery and plugged everything back in. Immediately, one of the wires starts to glow red hot. Fire ensued. I quickly removed the battery and it seems like I made a mistake? I don't know where to start.. Can you guys give me a hint?
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