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  1. Gentlepersons: I wonder if anyone can/will relate the actual size (in. and/or mm) of the distributor mech. advance bearing balls. My thanks for your considerations.
  2. I would add a guess that the rear fenders have been "wedged" as well...
  3. What's the interesting "shooting brake" next to it?
  4. Can anyone provide a drawing/sketch of the section/profile of the original squeegee, perhaps with a couple key dimensions? Bonus points for including a representation of the chrome strip profile too.
  5. Good luck trying to call the blokes at ZCar Depot. They've stopped posting a phone number, and email is your only avenue. Maybe it's a Covid thing....
  6. Interesting bit of trivia, this business of an antenna switch. The toggle immediately above was installed in my 280 in the center square vertical plate when the orig. owner replaced the radio with a stereo tape deck. The attached harness and plug were in the correct configuration to fit the body harness perfectly, indicating that it was a Factory piece to begin with. I have seen illustration of this toggle in a parts or service manual (one was for a 280 as I recall) that confirmed its origins. The original console still showed the slot for the rocker as shown mounted further a
  7. Well Mr.Dat: Thanks for the link; no love, but BINGO just the same. I now know that it is the Standard Motor vac module that Cardone always shows with their unobtanium distributor bodies. It was this very issue that prompted me to call the folks at Cardone the other day, seeking some way to obtain one of those obviously new units, so prominently displayed in all their cut fotos. This event was also illuminating, if you count "in a disappointing light". A two parter, it began with the "Tech" staff, that collectively claimed that Cardone "made" the piece, and no, it was not avail
  8. RE: '77 280Z Situation: A pristine distributor (D6F4-03) and a dead vacuum module (22301-N4200) . Parameter: - It's a street driver; no vacuum advance is not a viable option. After reading every post with "distributor" and "vacuum advance" module in it, I have come to accept that I am in a very deep, dark hole with nary a ladder in sight. Thus, I would pose the following questions to this august body: - Anyone have an appropriate and operational vacuum module for sale? - Anyone know of a module that could be modified to fit the distributor? - Anyone have
  9. I think (an admittedly tentative version of "believe") that the hatch glass is not a simple barrel curvature, so that if one were to draw a straight line on a piece of paper (as in the role used by FrostFighter), one could not get a "horizontal" transfer without warping the paper. Just a speculation...
  10. While circumstance has slowed meaningful progress with my current dilemma of electrical dysfunction chronicled in "Party Tricks", I have had opportunity to nose around for potential solution candidates in the archives. I remembered, and found, this most interesting ECU thread from earlier this year. While I cannot provide dialog on the level of the expertise herein, I would offer a tidbit of anecdotal evidence that might shed some small light on a seemingly unresolved issue of brief discussion. The Orig.Owner of my (early) '77 280 apparently had some fuel feed issues (that I believe
  11. Might I suggest that given a clean surface to start, plastic Scotch tape has a good edge, and is more stable than elect. tape, making a straight line easier to obtain. Plus, it leaves less adhesive residue than moderne masking tape. Just a thought...
  12. Mr.ET14K: My kudos for your apparently rare sense of persistent helpfulness. I thank you, Sir. I too, have considered the fuel pump function, especially in light of, if the FSM is to be believed, the fact that the F.I. relay has just passed the muster of diagnostic exam (thus debunking my current reckon of root cause). As I continue to hope the fault lies away from the ECU, I am drawn to the remaining suspects, TPS, or (dread the thought) the AFM. But still, I remain flummoxed by the symptoms: pumping the throttle sometimes restores function, and how ign. sw. play does the
  13. Why, yes I do. One of the ceramic honkers on the inner wheel housing, next to the coil. I just went thru that neighborhood with a VOM recently.
  14. Just a couple thoughts... I think perhaps there is a good reason that all the old manuals illustrate repairs being done with an old fashion drafting pen (looks like the long bill of a bird). The advantage is that (theoretically) one doesn't have to mask (the bill or "nib" is adjustable for width, and when used properly, will produce a very clean edge. the other positive is that the bead will have a slightly rounded top that would provide more net cross section. The other is that isn't such a grid usually coated with a thin, clear protective layer of something? Or not.
  15. Second Update or Deja Vu All Over Again: The change of ICM is a bust. In 5 operation cycles (all in town), the first two were Heaven; it ran just as it should. The third, toward the end, was marked by a brief hiccup, but okee, dokee otherwise. The fourth (toward the end) had a hiccup and a stall. The fifth tho, was all-Hell-all-the-time. Not even brief moments of sanity. This last time out (maybe a 6-7mi. trip which was unavoidable) was a nitemare. Had to re-start several times after every stop and a few in between. A good time for a strong battery.The car is undrivable. So
  16. Mr.ET14K: Well, since you asked... I installed an aftermarket ICM (Standard Motors LX511), and so far, the results are encouraging. It's early in the Trials period, but most of the symptoms have subsided (the idle remains unsettled when cold, but I believe that's a different story). I'll know more after more use, a plug read, and a fiddle or two, but I think this direction is the right one. Thanks for your interest.
  17. Mr.ET14K: I wouldn't have this post drop into obscurity without noting my appreciation to you and Mr.guy for doing me the courtesy of addressing my problem in the true spirit of this site.
  18. While removing the bolt-in supports are no big trick, the riser bulkhead behind the seats is welded in. On the other hand, it makes a pretty good cargo stop. Might be a little hard on the family dog, tho. Speaking of which; any suggestions about a reliable breaker that might have the lids to the cubby holes?
  19. I believe the sloped floor was confined to the earliest '77s like my Feb. build example.
  20. Mr.ET14K: Interesting thought, one I hadn't considered. It does address the sudden change of condition symptom tho. I admit being stuck on the idea that it is a fuel delivery issue, but hey. When in the throes of spasm, I don't see/hear consequence from improper combustion, but I'm willing to believe I could be wrong; It wouldn't be the first time. While I'm not optimistic about the prospects of detecting temporary insanity, I'll review the FSM section. Anyone else second this motion? Still open to all thoughts... While not applicable to your theorem, I should
  21. RE: early '77 280Z Ever seen that theatrical party skit where some sober soul (let's call him Mr.Fairface) is hypnootized for a lark, so that at the utterance of a "trigger" word, he is immediately transformed into Mr.Uglyface, a roaring drunk? Then, with the trigger word, Mr.Fairface is back, etc. This, gentle reader, is the apt illustration of my Z problem. Mr.Happyface is a happy, sweet running engine with a strong, clear idle, a sweet sensitivity to a gentle tip-in of the throttle, and a strong, sure pull from almost any rpm. A true baseline of operation that would do any me
  22. Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that. My '77 is an original Cal. car, and it came well treated with the then conventional asphalt-based undercoat. Not terribly neatly, but thorough.
  23. I can't help wondering.... I have seen OEM parts for other old cars, some produced after the series production for which they were intended, that had a protective coating to enhance their shelf life. Just a thought...
  24. Maybe not, but you're certainly losing. But hey, who's keeping score? You?
  25. Mr.Head: My, aren't you the helpful fellow. I can tell you I appreciate the effort, no matter how aspirational it may be. A clumsy attempt at cutesy sarcasm to be sure, but you have unknowingly added the icing on this half-baked cake of boorish behavior. "why are you here?" Exactly. While the first post of this thread was quite specific about its purpose (help solve an electrical problem), by the fourth post, that train of thought had been switched to the siding of personality issues, so it's no wonder that you (and the others) have forgotten the point. I reckon it's that atten
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