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  1. He doesn't list a price and I have not the first clue what a reasonable offer for that car would be,,,,, but I like it!
  2. The link isn't working for me. Has he sold it? I am just outside Tampa and still looking for the right car for me.
  3. You make a good point Mark. I may try to get involved sooner rather than later. I am picking up my wife from the airport tonight or I'd love to go. Dale do you live in Safety Harbor? I think I've seen your Z on my way home. I live in the Georgetown subdivision.
  4. Carl I really appreciate the feedback and agree with your thoughts. My anxiousness has me widening the strike zone a bit more than is healthy I'd say. The search continues. I agree! I just now got back home and saw the auction. Very nice one. I had heard the same about the triples but thought it was a performance upgrade given how often you see/hear about them. I like the original paint color better as well. That is so great to know. I've only lived in SF for about 1.5 years and therefore don't know the area well. I am interested in becoming involved just as soon as I can find my car. Appreciate all the comments and hopefully I'll have a new one to ask about soon.
  5. Found this '73 240Z in Fort Myers. Has had lots of the right updates and restorations done. Curious if anyone has any knowledge of the car or seller (datsunxpz). Given that the seller appears to be a Datsun specialist based on his listings and 672 feedback scores I thought someone may have some insight. See anything concerning? This will be my first Z car and 40th birthday present to myself that I've saved up for 5 years to get so just trying to cover all of my bases. Datsun Z Series 2 Door Coupe | eBay
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