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  1. I will open the fill before the drain. Thanks for the tip. I appreciate everyone's advice and I hope you guys have a happy and safe memorial day. I have a busy week ahead of me with the holiday and summer college starting up.
  2. I sorted out my idle issue today! I barely turned the idle screw down and it responded well. So I adjusted it down to just about 1100 rpm. Much better idle now it was about 2-2200rpm. Captain As far as I know no one has replaced the air cleaner. So now I want to check/fill the trans and rear dif. Do you guys have any issues doing this in the drive way? Any tips or tricks?
  3. Here's a over view of how the bay sits today. I'm also in the process of getting the correct 73 fuel rail. I believe the top one is the Anti back fire valve? What do the other 2 go to? The hose that goes off camera have a screw in it capping it off. I replaced that with a actual vacuum cap but where is it supposed to go?
  4. Thanks for everyone's kind words and imput. I'm also a huge fan of the butterscotch color. I've replaced about 85% of the vac hoses so far. I'm about all the way threw them actually and still experiencing the idle issue. So from what i can tell I'm missing numbers 1,3,9,11,14 also have a small hole in 6. I snapped some more pictures that i'll add in another post.
  5. Thanks for correcting the header of the post admin. Tlorber I have read about the 72 swap but i'd like to keep my Z in as original condition as possible. Honestly I've always been a early 90's Honda guy and have no real experience dealing with carbs. I've been trying everything I can think of doing to avoid touching the idle screws. If I do decide to do the route do you have to adjust both at the same time?
  6. Thanks guys! You are correct it is a 73. It was late last night when I made the post. My door plate says 11/72 and the hood and title say 73. I assume being a late model 72 they threw the 73 stuff in and out the door she went. I have unscrewed the caps and half pulled them out (scared of the carbs ) I felt resistance so I assumed they still have oil. Do you pull them completely out and flash light check? I'm in the process of sorting a high idle issue. When the motor gets to temp the idle settles in at 2000 rpm. I'm replacing all rubber hoses that ive come across so far but with no luck.
  7. Hello everyone. New to the forums and thought I would begin by sharing my Z. 1972 Datsun 240z was purchased by my uncle from the dealer and then later sold to my father. About a year and a half ago my father passed away and left the Z in my care. I pulled the Z out of storage last winter and over the spring have begun to work on her and so far she is being very receptive to being woken up. Trying to sort threw a high idle issue that I hope some fellow Z guys can help with. So without further wait here is some pictures I've taken along the way.
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